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  • drwstring drwstring Mar 8, 2013 9:47 AM Flag

    jforuus aka bearstain/dannyboy....looks like mental illness is your way of life....

    Geezz dude, you're sick. Either that or your hopelessly and irrevocably stupid. Which one is it?

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    • These men think your buffons!! the way they mask it all.

      They think your simpletons and therefore it is their right to steal your money!

      Ask these POS whose children are soon to be all stricken with cancer (the lord shall even it all out, all those medical bills you will be paying to slow death) did the premium go back to 77% ? hahahahhaha!!!!

    • why because i speak the truth about performance of a fund vs. a benchmark which anyone can buy without paying a F'ng FEE?

      or because I wish evil on people who are evil already and think "the game" aka stealing your money is acceptable and proper.

      please read the topic "Retirees judge peformance for oneself" and that will explain it all and why these schills never keep such posts going because they fear the truth.

      I will sacrifice a small goat as well tonite.

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