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  • jforuus jforuus Apr 9, 2013 10:39 AM Flag

    gotta luv pimco

    I got the 1% !!! now only 29% more to get that premium covered to break even!! hahahhahaha!!!

    You listen to cheats and liars of this board.

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    • jforuus dont like you much, however you are the only one hear that is not stupid or on prozack. It appears you see the invisable today 45.48% premium? For why do the others not see that? Are they blind? They appear too preocupid with rubber room and dog poop to answer a simple question? How do you expect to make any money total return if you are day one in the 45.48% tax bracket. And going up is the charge?

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      • How did I offend you? lol
        My bad.

        Look, I just want Slick Willy and Mo to punish those that collude to bid up their ticker since there is nothing invisible about it.

        Fine they bid the pps up that high far away and the law of convergence and divergence are only not obeyed if there they are factored with another known or unknown value which happens to be collusion. I don't care how you slice it, they call stealing your money a "game".

        Brokers constantly practice "fake volume", in the Ole Dodge City they would have been brought to justice with a rope perhaps their family spared by the MOB, perhaps not.

        Slick Willy and Mo should be selling shares to lock in profit and to bring the NAV up, but they are not, why?

        Please share such topics of conversation with others, they collude upon lies, we shall collude upon the truth.

      • the same ones that dont see the premium on phk, also missed the 100% premium on cornerstone, the 200% premium on german fund in the 1980's , and the 300% premium on the spain fund , also 1980. And they also missed the 30% discount on the japan fund, and we all know how those turned out to be. Spain, germany and cornerstone collapsed, and japan fund was open-ended with discount shrinking to 2%, and price soared.

        But hey, that is just ancient history (right???)

        Everybody knows that phk at 45% premium has a far superior management and potential than pci or pdi for example, also pimco funds which are trading close to zero premium (sarcasm)

    • You're a dork, like for many years now.............

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      • yes a dork alergic to psing money to PHK for no good reason and lost money here? I own that dork thing but not too dumb 60.24% premium at PGP you have that too drawthing? Do you just look for the biggest premium to invest it? Badge of honor to you then you find um good!!! that daney boy guy is righ onyou should listen to him?

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    • Look at it go!! lol she is fast! she is quick!

      28% more to get that premium covered to break even!

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