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  • jforuus jforuus Jun 17, 2013 6:19 PM Flag

    It is agreed Bill Gross is inept in protecting his general share holders interest?

    Seems like the market is screaming to him.

    Now please spread the word.

    Bill this is what happens when you do not cash in on a BUBBLE and allow everyone else to cash in but your own fund. OWN IT!! EAT IT!!

    Don't blame me and my ranting posts, I just am point out the obvious. Everybody gets paid on the management side except the share holders.

    Write a letter and explain yourself, unless you have no explanation.

    Yeah premium to hit 77% soon! Flying pigs will be coming out of my rear first!! hahhahahhaha!!!

    Bill, Mo, Hans!! COME ON!! put something in print?!?!!! Don't be COWARDS.

    Just saying.

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    • Would someone explain to me how a closed-end fund prevents itself from trading at a premium? And if you bought shares in the fund, don't you want it to trade at a premium?

      And how are you prevented from cashing in? It's traded on the stock exchange. Go to your broker's website and sell it.

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      • the market determines premium or discount--all things being equal, you are better off buying at a relative (to its peers) discount, and selling (relative to its peers) at a premium, especially if it can be done w/o adverse tax considerations in a retirement account.

        The premium can be reduced by the company issuing new shares at or close to market-- (buying in shares reduces a discount)--although there may be reasons for not adding or subtracting outstanding shares.

        As a buyer you want shares to buy shares at relative discount and to ultimately sell at higher premium (or smaller discount).

    • The $9 are coming and there is no question this ENTIRE FUND FAMILY will be going bankrupt when the EXIT of the masses start accelerating. There is no doubt about that as there is no doubt even the colluding brokers have realized that commuincation is starting to destroy their camaflouge of playing "the game" stealing your money. hahahahahaha!!! EAT IT!!

      Bill and Mo OPEN YOUR MOUTH!! address your shareholders in an official letter, the reality of your shortcomings and apologize to them, it would be a start.

    • mr. drwstring does listen to your every word. When you are not here he calls for you. I think he missed you when you are away. 24% premium call me rather wake me up when the discount is here then ill buy. did you look at FFC today much better back to discount now.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Bill who gave you all those awards? what the heck...seriously, who? Did you have to donate to charities to get into good standings?

      Maybe you need to simplify your complex models that you create, perhaps you can represent it in a static, electrical or a mechanical model? one could derive you don't have a clear handle on your own model if you can't simplify into such a model. Ask Mo he will explain to you and talk slow since it isni't your cup of tea. Please Willy?

      We know you couldn't give a darn, your still sucking down Rothschild or the Cum Vee while your retiree shareholders are sucking down Lipton!

      We know you couldn't give a darn, your still eating filet mignon while your retiree shareholders are looking on the McDondald value meal.

      We know you couldn't give a darn..we get it. I guess it is just time the rest of your shareholders realize it, correct?

      Your entire team of talent gets paid but not the shareholders. we call that supporting a hobby for the past 4 plus years, just saying.

      Publish something, use that BIG MOUTH lack of better words of yours to communicate to your shareholders not the ones that have you on speed dial but the rest of the maggots. You and Mo can't seem to #$%$, pardon my enthusiasm on your TV circuits how about you address your shareholders with a webcast, something!

      All of you Bill Gross lackies, tell your boy we are waiting.

      We don't want to hear from a $15 pay me report, we want to hear it from you $300 cufflinks starched shirt self.

      This is the fund family and family you want to invest with? hahahhahaha!!!

      You should really share dialogue with others regarding this fund manager, don't be shy to admit taking losses to each other. Men like that count on you to be full of pride and not admit to each other that all of their investors are in the red or break-even after all this time.

      Huck have you seen the 77% premium? lol Come here preeeeee prrreeee prrreeeemium. :)

      Talk to you fearless leaders, Willy, Mo and Hansie.

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