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  • bush.wacker bush.wacker Nov 29, 2013 4:04 PM Flag

    JFORUUS-I Thought You SaiD PHK was Going Down?

    You are such an idiot! Don't have a clue.

    Didin't I tell you how this thing works? The div is coming in a week or so and now the money is flowing in again.

    You are almost as bad as Mark Faber. The sky is falling. The sky is falling! Really? Go ahead and keep yur money on a mattress. I will be collecting a cool 12% dividend while you get NOTHING!!!

    What a nerd!!!!!!

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    • those aszszshles...........short high our divs.......................hate sad........the range.................high 10s to...........mid 12s.......jrk offffffffssssss..................

      • 1 Reply to porsch99
      • j2you is just a sock puppet of bearologist/dannyboy/ a raft of others. That MORON has been less on than a bag of rocks here for almost 5 (yes five) YEARS.
        Pretended to be some market guru, and didn't even know you need pay to borrow shares to legitimately sell them short. That is if you are a REAL player.
        Put that idiot on ignore. Your life will be nicer. Might have to discover a new source of comic relief, but allowing that virus into your mind is not worth the cost.

    • Ignore the bonehead... you should report him also.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Report him!!! haahahahhha!!! Delusional this entire board is, well the pump of this board is over and PHK is done. You scurry to other corners and let the rest of the CEF industry their PONZI like structure is about to collapse.

        This onslaught will remain for 24/7 this PIMCO brand is done and anyone who reports on this brand will be forced to speak the obvious, how TEAM PIMCO is and its talent now exposed are nothing more than a DEATH SPIRAL being automated by the computers from collapsing too fast. Tell that to your momma.

    • hahahaha!!!!! seriously?


      By now many have left and won't be coming back to the PIMCO Brand! Guaranteed.

      You do realize when someone looks at your post and then reviews the benchmarks results, YTD results of PHK they are going to reailze you probably enter your son's room late at night to violate him probably? Type of character men like you are who STEAL FROM OLD RETIRED PEOPLE.

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