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  • jforuus jforuus Dec 10, 2013 7:25 AM Flag


    They scare you into buying annuities and than use your money to make a much larger gains.

    Then when it all goes into a hand basket, they will fold like a house of cards and now they have played the GAME called STEALING YOUR MONEY.

    Beware of such companies.

    Look your annuities and than look at Ameriprise gains. Since 2012 they have been up 200% while what does your account rate of return say?

    Bill Gross and the Pimco Brand aren't much better at ALL, actually worse.

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    • Did you just figure this out??? Do a simple search on google and you will see this is all AMP cares about is dumping people in pop products that lock them in for years and AMP makes money no matter what happens and the client can't get out. Indeed, it's a good business. Just look at their stock price.

    • I hate to agree with you. Amerisux does steer investors to high commissioned funds and will not rebalance unless asked. If you have to ask, why do you need these slim balls?

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      • I ain't the guy lying to you on this board, am I?

        I am not the fund manager and team that has betrayed their customers aside perhaps for a select few?

        This PIMCO brand is nothting short of garbage and use the ability to move pps not because of merit but because of sheer size.

        PIMCO will be bankrupt by 2017 if they can't get their ship in order and start admitting they have a SERIOUS disconnect between their fund manager and the realities of the market, the 2 men are simply put Bufoons living in their own dream world and the new norm.

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