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  • bsam786 bsam786 Feb 11, 2011 10:35 AM Flag

    CRAMER throws MOTR under the bus

    He says he was shocked by the miss and didnt expect it.

    Is'nt he supposed to fully research a stock before recommending. Now I am a bag holder holding this rotten stinking fish after buying on his recommendation. Is there any way to sue this clown on TV?

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    • Cramer is 100% correct 50% of the time.

    • Cramer talks about 10- 20 stocks a day. He is on TV with the afternoon Stock pick of the day, he has his show, he has Videos that he does with He has his websites and subscriber websites talking about stock all day long. So, If You blame Cramer for your stock pick or anybody else for your trade you sound like a complete idiot with the investment community...Sorry to sound so Harsh. Cramer is not you financial advisor. If Cramer can hit it out of the park every time, he would be like Biff in "BACK TO THE FUTURE2" Where Biff makes a fortune with his correct predictions every time. Stocks are a big boys game. You are going win some and loose some. It depends how you play it to help out with your losses. Ever here of Diversifications? Most doubtable your stock will go down when you first buy it anyway. All kinds of factor play in stocks...World affairs, Politics, Even the sector your stock in. A company that you have can drop, just the fact that another stock in the same sector had a poor earnings report. You might want to get into a mutual fund or try something else. If you are blaming somebody for your losses; then more likely you are going to have this happen again. If you are inexperienced in investing then you need to know your level... Will you need your money soon for retirement or can you simply wait 5 years for it to come back. Some investor will simply take their losses and go with a more strong fundamental stock. Don't play it you can't handle the lost.

    • He's like any other analyst, just a guy with an opinion. problem is he carries or weight because he's an icon in the market world.

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