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  • searchnomoresd searchnomoresd Oct 6, 2011 10:22 AM Flag

    earnings release date

    Hey Pete, when's the earnings release?


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    • Taking profit correctly is absolutely the key to making money in these markets. But managing cash as these ranges are so wide now, that nothing surprises anyone. You get into a long haul, like on this, and when it goes up 20%, you take off 5-10%, and before you know it, you're playing with their money and you can diversify. That is the one simple way to hedge investing and I think most all of us have some rules we claim to follow. There are no one trick ponies, but I'd sure like to know how it was you are so sure DPI was going places and PKT with it? I've been following it daily and I wouldn't be surprised if a bunch of deals came down and left a bunch of these companies in limbo for another ten years.

    • I think PKT is in one of the very few recession-proof industries and will continue to do well. As I've stated to you before, I don't plan to start taking profits until we hit $20/share. Maybe that's stupid, but I truly believe in this industry and in PKT to deliver the results we're expecting.


    • You can think of no reason why this may get derailed? You must be working with more than I am working with then. All I see are derailments and markets in flux. I don't see that changing and as I stated in another post, if you aren't siphoning off profits, you're going to get hurt. Don't think an acquisition is going to deliver what you think is a done deal. Take profit when you can.

    • Thanks. As far as I'm concerned, 2011 is in the bag for our little PKT. Depending on how much revenue they want to move into 2012, I think $40mil or somewhere near that number is guaranteed. So now it's time to think about next year. I don't see any reason why we can't do more than $60mil and possibly much more in 2012. No reason at all.


    • I can feel you smiling Search all the way up here in Berkeley. Just make certain you snitztle a little bit - 10% even - for those days when you're down.

    • I am hearing 2nd week in Nov , they must want to get there hands around their #'s and be as confidant as possible before they go out with guidance. At first i thought that was late but obviously much is percolating at this Company they also need to make room in their busy schedule to be at home base and focus on this release / conference call. They are obviously prioritizing business and must embrace it while it is flowing.

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      • I just keep thinking back to that Seeking Alpha article where the guy basically said if you add up the business from the press releases that alone should beat estimates…then factor in two new Executive roles created to keep up with demand….I like this story.

        I guess I’d be buying dips here, not selling rips…..a little bit concerned about guidance from the rest of tech in the coming weeks putting a damper on the entire space…..outside that, stocks that supposedly have had strong quarters often run up hard into the release date and I don’t know of many other stocks that have had such bullish PR in the past quarter than this stock…..

    • Yahoo says 31 October and I'm guessing they won't change that?

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