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  • ezndat ezndat Oct 13, 2011 11:30 AM Flag

    Interesting article just hit the tape

    Can you school me a little bit on this article….

    So DPI is est. 1.5B market and policy management is est. 1.2B market by 2016. So 2.7B market. best estimate of PKT’s market share of this?? Fair to say 10%? So say $50M in revenue in 2012 then YoY revenue growth is (2.7b*.1/50M)/4=135% YoY revenue growth? If not can you tell me why?

    If more or less accurate then Yahoo shows a forward PE of 45, correct to say that 135% YoY growth should have a higher PE? I’m thinking mature companies grow at about 10% with about a 10 P/E so roughly 1% of growth is 1$ in PE…..If so then PKT should be trading for about $30 = $10.50*135/45….not to mention that you should pay up for growth…..


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