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  • petercohen33 petercohen33 Dec 17, 2011 10:36 AM Flag

    PolyMedix Inc /PYMX

    I am going to communicate a investment idea that i do believe could be very rewarding , i have followed this Company for two years . A institutional PM that i respect very much brought PYMX to my attention at 1.16 i put a GTC under the market at .86 and initiated a position 3 months later a year and a half ago. Earlier this tear PYMX did a secondary / raised about 20 million i bought additional shares in the mid 60's. In Sept & Nov i added in the mid to upper 50's yesterday i bought shares at .66 & .67 . PolyMedix Inc is a biotechnology company focused on developing new therapeutic drugs to treat life-threatening infectious diseases and acute cardiovascular disorders, they announced recently that a interim analysis of results from more than 80 patients enrolled in its Phase 2 clinical trail with PMX-30063 defensin-mimetic antibiotic, indicate that all dosing arms in the study were both safe and effective in treating patients with Acute Bacterial Skin and Skin Structure Infections (ABSSSI)caused by S . aureus. This is the first ever patient clinical efficacy study conducted with this new-defensin-mimetic antibiotic class. Results from another phase 2 study will be coming out very shortly . The positive results PYMX received from this Phase 2 should help them attract a strong partner. My concluding statement their Message Board is excellent many knowledgeable posters with professional insight on their space. PS I do respect many on this board want me & others to stay on topic i can appreciate that but selectively there could be a interest in timely investment ideas PYMX i believe can give investors a great ROI over the next year.

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    • Take a look at this chart / price action. POLY could be a beneficiary of Big Pharma's healthy appetite for acquisitions time shall tell.

    • Looks like APKT is taking the lead with some movement in after hours. RVBD and FFIV as well.

    • Any chance we ride the coat tails of Apple's earnings tomorrow? There are a lot of i-Phones and i-Pads out there in the world.

    • Very impressive volume & price movement , institutions are accumulating aggressively.

    • Go on there board you will get very acquainted with this story . Some very bright posters significant phase 2 results will be released any day now on a platform as significant as last phase 2 on staff infection

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      • Happy New Year to all ; may 2012 bring Health, Happiness & Good Fortune. The board is quiet so i feel it is a good time to revisit a recommendation. I do this for a few reasons and one is not to pat myself on the back. I agree this boards primary purpose is to stay on topic and share Industry / Company specific ideas. But if a individual poster that have gained the confidence of this board can occasionally share timely investment idea and prove their agenda is one of altruism / consideration to other that sort of communication could be of value to many. On Sat Dec 17th this name / investment thesis was put out there Mon PYMX traded .61-.65 Tues .62-.68 if u go to Yahoo Finance on the same left hand column where we have the message board u also have Quotes & Historical Prices. Go to and see the way this puppy ended the year. Within the next several days / weeks results from another / different Phase 2 will be communicated to the street. Inteligent bright articulate posters on their board are very optimistic time shall tell. This post is certainly not a recommendation to buy strength, the intention on my part is to follow up on a recommendation.

    • Peter,
      PYMX looks interesting, I will look into it, thanks.
      And speaking of BioTechs, here's one for you--"GNBT." It has had a long tuff road with very poor and dishonest management. Monday @ 6pm there will be a segment on Bloomberg’s "innovations" spot lighting Antigen Express which is a wholly owned subsidiary and ready to be spun off any day, followed by a reverse split and move to NASDAQ. They are nearing the end of Phase ll studies on a breast cancer vaccine. It enables the bodies immune system to seek out and destroy cancer cells, no Chemo or Radiation. Studies are also under way to test it on prostate and various other cancers. Once thought to be their ace in the hole- "Oral-Lyn" is a new Insulin Delivery method that is absorbed through the oral mucosa (NOT INHALED.) I believe there will be fireworks in the next several weeks, beginning Monday. I started following and buying way to soon, about 10 years ago. I have averaged down big time over the last few months. Many bright investors and a few scientists on the forum. I would not be at all suprised to see it shoot up 10 fold in the next couple of months.

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