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  • ezndat ezndat Apr 7, 2012 2:15 PM Flag

    good article

    Pretty good article covering several the end it says F5 is rolling out their own DPI product later this year...I guess that squashes any potential F5 buyout of PKT if instead they are going to just compete with PKT with their own product.

    This takes me back to the 3Q 2011 CC where one of the questions was why did we partner with F5 to begin with? F5 didn't pay PKT any sort of royalties -- was the "partnership" just so F5 could get an upclose and personal look at PKT's product so F5 could just go out and build a better one?

    I'm still just confused about what value was added to PKT by "partnering" with F5....

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    • Revisit that Q4 earning release / conference call at your convenience . There is one salient point JB mentioned either on that call or one month earlier during a Stifel Nicolaus webcast ; Procera Networks will not be the same Company one year out that it is today. The relationship with F5 is a mutually beneficial one ; PKT's software offering makes F5 product more robust it is complementary. The fact that F5 stated they are going in house to organically develop a DPI / IPE solution for the market should not be news i am sure they are one of many pursuing that initiative. If F5 intentions were to attempt to purchase Procera it would still serve their best interest to communicate out loud exactly what they stated. I can assure you JB & team are not getting played by F5 ; they are working side by side because it serves their best interest.

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