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  • heenaheena32 heenaheena32 Feb 1, 2013 1:29 AM Flag

    Top 10 Institutional Investors/and theri groups hold about 60-65% of Procera Shares

    Approximate Numbers as reported on Nasdaq- By Insitutional Investors
    1.Black Rock - Close to 1.5 Million Shares
    2.COLUMBUS CIRCLE INVESTORS - Close to 1.3 Million Shares
    3.VANGUARD GROUP INC - Close to 1 Million Shares
    4.WELLS FARGO & COMPANY/MN - Close to 900,000 Shares
    5.OPPENHEIMER FUNDS INC - Close to 900,000 Shares
    6.WALL STREET ASSOCIATES - Close to 700,000 Shares
    7.SPARTA ASSET MANAGEMENT, LLC - Close to 700,000 Shares
    8.LOOMIS SAYLES & CO L P - Close to 600,000 Shares
    10. ARDSLEY ADVISORY PARTNERS - Close to 500,000 Shares
    Total about 9 Million Shares

    Plus about 3-4 Million shares are owned by - Mutual Funds of Wells fargo(400K), Openheimer(800K) Vanguard(800K), Loomis(300K).

    Which makes it to 12-14 Million shares. making it 60-65% ownership by about 10 Entities and their groups.
    I hope I am reading this correctly. So there is no reason why shares should not start rallying very soon or after 6th February

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    • I'm not sure what we can draw from the data in terms of overall ownership for the top 10 holders at this specific point in time. The very encouraging news about BlackRock and Columbus represents increases in ownership that were already reported but not all of the data are in yet so some of the above numbers could actually go down if other institutions decreased their shares. I believe that the institutions have until February 15th to report their holdings as of December 31 but I am not sure when the new, overall tallies gets posted.

      As far as mutual funds, I believe they are included in total for" institutional ownerships" that is comprised of institutional stock ownership, institutional mutual funds, and mutual funds.Correct me if I am wrong but I think that adding mutual funds on top would be double counting.

      We'll see how the final numbers look but the BlackRock and Colmbus additions are encouraging by themselves!

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      • photonsculptor100
        Agree with you. Blackrock and Columbus circle increasing their stake is significant in itself.

        What I see in the Top holding large % is the stability in the stock. Conversly when the growth or profitability concerns increase , one should see stock falling with large volume if all the 60% institutions and Mutual fund owners start to offload. Since that is not happening we should continue to believe in our growth momentum, whoch they believe too. However we have seen that the downward trend is with low volume, which probably indicates shift in smaller investors sideways. This is what was my takeaway from this. But open to interpretation.

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