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  • pkarnett83 pkarnett83 Feb 12, 2013 2:07 PM Flag

    Is the worm turning?

    With some recent big volume buys in the last week, perhaps PKT is turning back around.

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    • The short answer to my question: no, it is not. Just another head fake.

      And back to the $16s.

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      • There are a lot of good ideas, knowledge, and thinking exchanged on this board but this particular thread makes me want to comment on emotional side of trading.

        One layer down from the "buy low, sell high" motto are the fears of buying in climates of bad news (or lack of news altogether) that created the lower price buying opportunities in the first place. On the other end, when SP soars the apprenhension naturally comes out when thinking about getting out too early in sunnier climates that created the good selling opportunities.

        I am right with anyone and everyone who experiences anxieties around PKT's deflated SP relative to where it has been. The whole thing runs counter to human nature so it really comes down to the discipline to do what you think is right without expecting to find comfort in it. It's the herd mentality that trades on fear and not discipline, buying high and selling low. Discipline is the way to avoid that.

        The personal rationalizations that I keep turning to in the here and now are that Procera has a great management team, the business outlook is very positive. The share price has already deflated quite significantly so in the low 17's (gee, now mid 17's since I started writing this :-), PKT looks more like a stock that is ready to rebound than a stock in the low 20's that is ready to correct.

        Continued good wishes for everyone's success with PKT!

    • Oh wait a minute
      Wasn't it you who said
      "How low do you think this goes? I think there is a decent chance we see a tape in the $14s. Tempting to sell out and buy back lower, since it is so blatantly obvious this is going a lot lower. "

      Are you know saying you were wrong or are your post just blowing in the wind with whatever direction the market goes ?

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