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  • pkarnett83 pkarnett83 Feb 25, 2013 3:23 PM Flag

    How low do they take it before Thursday?

    Remember last quarter? Who would've thought $19.50 was possible back then. I think we definitely see a $15s print before Thursday. Amazing how back then $19.50s was staggeringly low and now it looks like a dream price.

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    • pk83 what are we going to do with you. I am starting to understand your bitterness now . At some point probably between $23-25 Procera was brought to your attention and you thought it was a excellent investment . That is when you put your broker hat on and altruism set in. U telegraphed this name to your boys duane & ma.agresto obviously your timing was not good. Take ownership of the fact that markets could be cruel , you obviously have not engendered any goodwill on other boards so these individual enjoys #$%$ on u and we have to walk over their excretion. Your posting reminds me of mining as soon as markets head South and your currency of choice takes it in the groin you start hitting the panic button and start getting flashback of less pleasant X's. Time to get a backbone and manup. Procera is executing their business plan very well , we have no reason based upon operating results over last 2 years to doubt that. On Thursday Q4 / Year End results will be released y don't we hold off passing judgement and give this Organization the benefit of the doubt. Post like this are not appreciated , " Why is this stock so horrible? " U will not engender goodwill on this board with post like that unless this Organization disappoints ; try to use some self control before you pass judgement in a very emotional way.

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      • Peter, I apologize for any statements that you don't care for here. I really do wish any of you "real" investors well. Simply look at Pk's posting history for the last three years, and you will see this pattern in any board he is in. Well, actually you can't go back that far because his first PK handle was terminated by Yahoo. His other alias is SPPI666 (funny right?). Don't know if that one is still around. He tried to get you all to trust him, and then turned. It's what professional bashers do, and quite frankly from time to time, it's fun to expose.

        I hope PKT rockets, actually.... you won't see PK anymore because he will have lost. It happened every time over at the SPPI boards. When the stock was doing very well, he virtually disappeared.

        Good luck to you.

    • It is amazing, considering this is your greatest gift to other message boards.

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