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  • pkarnett83 pkarnett83 Aug 22, 2013 8:47 PM Flag


    Someone mentioned DWRE and I had to look it up. This one is good for some laughs:

    Consensus 2012 Revenue: $100m
    Consensus 2012 EPS: -0.32
    Consensus 2013 Revenue: $136m
    Consensus 2013 EPS: -0.09
    Cash at 6/30/2012: $110m

    Consensus 2012 Revenue: $78m
    Consensus 2012 EPS: -0.09
    Consensus 2013 Revenue: $97m
    Consensus 2013 EPS: 0.45
    Cash at 6/30/2012: $111m

    Market caps you asK? PKT = $248m. DWRE = $1.44b. Yes, $1.44 billion, nearly 6x that of PKT.

    But we are all suppose to sit around and not say a peep about how pathetic the stock is, and how worthless management is to defending the stock and bringing in investors, and how all we get from them is "automatic sales".

    There must be something seriously wrong with this company that we all are just to stupid to realize. Management is too chicken to buy shares, and have decided to let the stock flounder around with their brilliant new communication strategy. And yet techs all over the place are flying in this market, or getting bought out for 6-10x revenue.

    Meanwhile, DWRE is up another 6% this week, adding to that 72% return YTD. Brear, please call up their CEO and learn something.

    Eventually the real reason for this may come out.

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    • 2012 is last year there are no consensus est there are actual #'s 59.6 Rev & 0.51 EPS. PK I suggest you enroll in a Junior College 100 level class in investing. Perception rules in this market ,DWRE core functionality addresses Apps & The Cloud to very visible industries of growth . Procera is attached at the hip to Allot / DPI Space . In speaking to management over last several days Procera themselves are perplexed why Allot has not benefitted from any growth over last 4 quarter if you X out revenue generated from their two acquisition there has been meaningful deceleration in Allot's business over the last year. Pity on Allot they had benefitted from a meaningful first to market advantage in many regions of the World. Procera if you look back in the rear view mirror was compromised personnel wise & with the lack of any productive partnership / reseller relationships Allot dominated many regions w/o competition . Today it is a different story Procera's management still feels there plenty of business for both companies hopefully Allot's stronger B2B over last 2 quarters translates to stronger revenues soon. Remember Street was looking for 28-30 million top line Q2 in the beginning of this year brought estimates down to 25-27 after a weak Q2 Allot delivered 21-22. That is the reason shorts became empowered and blitzed Procera's currency more than ant other reason. One can rationalize B2B

    • I checked out their message board too, looks like a good place for you to post!

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