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  • du4sloop du4sloop Nov 6, 2013 12:03 PM Flag

    An analysis of an idiot.

    It would be amusing if it were not so irritating to read a posters continual whining and complaining regarding his speculative investment. Lets reflect on his investing behaviour to start. He takes a large position in PKT after a drop of 20% from the high, not neccessarily a bad move but then goes all in after another 20% drop prior to earnings a b-llsy move but evidently THE wrong one since the stock dropped another 30% after the announcement. Not only has he already proved himself a fool for having all his eggs in one basket (posted by him previously on this board) but he has proved himdelf a bigger fool by not taking advantage of the numerous opportunities to trade and improve his cost basis, further more he is furious that mgt. does not deploy valuable currency to inflate the stock price so he can escape.
    His comments regarding Institutional ownership further prove him a fool. Rather than looking at the total of Institutional ownership he focuse on the rotation of that ownership completey failing to recognise that those exiting may have decided to take profits and move on, unlike our poster boy they may have arrived early to the party and decided a modest profit suited their needs. He alo fails to recognise that PKT is only a small part of a very large portfolio for an Institution many of whom like many of us, have it as a long term hold. They don't feel the panic and anxiety of our poster since it's not their only holding.
    As one of the more enlightened posters on our board pointed out to him, the fact that PKT is grossly undervalued should be embraced not complained about. It would not be the first time nor the last that a stock be grossly undervalued and out of favor and it could remain so for quite some time but it presents an opportunity for those who can recognise one and sooner or later the market rewards those with both patience and insight. Meawhile our poster will have to live with the misery he created for himself.

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