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  • woodbarn woodbarn Mar 29, 2012 3:37 AM Flag

    Gemcitabine from 10 other companies

    Gemcitabine ANDA is approved for 10 other companies already if you search database. So if DARA gets approved it will have to fight for a piece of the pie against bigger companies. So do not be fooled when reading DARA's press release that Lily sold ~$700 million of the drug in 2010. That would be great if there was no competition. The drug patent expired in November 2010. It remains to be seen how much of the piece they can get when they get their ANDA approved.

    I do not have a position in DARA.

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    • Interesting that you neglected to mention several facts with your brief disertation. Allow me correct your skewed math and approach to the matter. No one is fooled about Lily selling 700 million of Gemcitabine in 2010, there's nothing to be fooled about because its fact and listed in Lily's 10Q 2010 annual report. Can't argue with facts can you. Futher true there are other companies that have successfully aquired the rights to market generic Gemcitabine, But for what purpose?? did you neglect to understand or even investigate at to how and through what application DARA plans thier use of the product? I don't think you did, further if DARA managed to only corner 3% of that 700 million market then that would add 21 million to the bottom line, not a bad return I'd say. Dig a little deeper into the practical application and DARA's plans for Gemcitabine and I'll be willing to bet that you'll gain more information. Then think about taking a poisition in DARA as the entry point here is very attractive.

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      • I mean do not be fooled by the potential market size for DARA Gemcitabine, not by the fact that Lily sold about $700 million in 2010. Lily lost 60% of revenue since Gemzar(Gemcitabine) went generic. Last quarter Lily only sold $91 million of Gemzar. So in 2011 Lily sold about $360 million.

        Competition also means lower prices and lower margins and greater selling costs.

    • What r u talking about
      DARA was much higher when only KRN5500 & DB900 were developed
      Now both products in much better phase and also other products on line
      Do you think it worth 9M$ company?
      It is a bargain and you know it.

      Products and pipeline:

      1.Bionect(R)(FDA Approved) Topical Hyaluronic Acid
      2. Soltamox (FDA Approved)
      3. Novel oral liquid tamoxifen
      4. Development of a portfolio of sterile injectable generic chemotherapeutic drugs
      5. Gemcitabine in-licensed
      6. KRN5500-Novel Phase II drug targeted at chemotherapy induced neuropathic pain (CIPN)
      7. DB900 -Novel clinical compounds in diabetes and a broad library of patented compounds

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