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  • midhashid midhashid Feb 1, 2013 3:46 PM Flag

    Set stop loss for protection NOW!!!

    Nothing wrong with setting a stop loss just in case. Lot of pumping going on here. And you know what may come next. You will still make money if it goes up.You just won't lose everything if it goes down. It's only logical to set a stop loss. Protect yourself.
    Benjamint has been on other stock boards pumping DARA. LF is one of them. There are more boards than just LF. Click on his name and go look for yourself. Be careful who you trust and set STOP LOSS! By the way...I am in DARA long since last Sept. and also in LF long. I would love to see both of them do well. But its very risky not to set a limit. GLTA longs.

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    • I assume you suspect there might be a pullback in the near future. If so, where do you set your stop loss? Do you think it could pull back half way between here and the dilution price of .76, say (1.14+.76)/2 = .95 per share? Then take off again?

      I am new here and just trying to get a feel for how it might trade. Thanks for any info you might have or want to share.

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      • I am not a professional, just a regular person. I saw a post recommending no limits and so I replied with the information I had. I usually don't even put messages on this board. Even though I have been in the stock since Sept. I wouldn't feel comfortable giving you advice on where to put your stop loss. I'm just strongly suggesting that you have one in place...just in case. It's kindof like health insurance...doesn't mean anything is going to happen...but it's nice to have some backup. I do think DARA is a good stock with a lot of potential. Just do research and good luck to you and all longs.

    • And now guess who is on LF message board saying he has sold his DARA shares to focus on LF. You can thumbs down this message...but it's easy to check out the LF board and see the truth. I think DARA is a good stock to be in. I'm still in long and have no intentions of getting out. Wish Dara would come out with some news on Monday that would make the shorts regret pumping and dumping. DARA has huge potential just waiting on news. The gelclair alone is worth investing in.
      Hope we go to at least 1.40 next week. GLTA longs

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