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  • dara_the_bear dara_the_bear Jun 21, 2013 8:45 PM Flag

    One final thought

    If management wanted to send a clear message to its shareholders that they mean serious business and are willing to prove themselves,the top 3 tier (CEO,COO,CFO) should forgo their salary for ONE YEAR! Believe me,this has been done before with other companies and I promise you these fat cats can still survive.They can take SOME medicine now, or a LOT later. Shall the company be prosperous after one year and the company is profitable,then re-engage their salaries with a lofty bonus to add.This is how professionalism works!!!!

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    • Bear please put the PBR down son. After your last post about your age and personal information I now know why you post as you do. Sorry but the world doesn't conform to your idealism of (professionalism) and frankly you have no clue as to how it works. Please becareful addressing others and their families. Take a look at the way you bash the hell out of others and criticize them to no end based on your view and thier trading strategies for which you have no experience. Then ttake a real hard llok at yourself and your last post boasting about a $350k net worth, your salary, capital gains, income per month and age. What was the purpose in posting that information? Do you really think you can honestly pass judgement on others and what their families think of them? Do you honestly think anybody gives a flying flip about your idea of professionalism and your shallow view of what a company"s management salaries and bonus structure should be. No one takes your seriously, you have much to learn and I mean much. So do yourself and the rrest of us a favor and make that final thought post your final one because quite frankly it's time for you to move on before you embarrass yourself further.

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      • Gotta chime in. On the advice you offered, which was started by insulting the guy by calling him a drunk who can only afford PBR of course. He probably felt inclined to disclose that information, or provide details of, because your but(t) buddy Pete has been trashing his profession going on a month now. You are wrong fool. No one takes YOU seriously. You HAVE been thoroughly embarrassed sir. Stop playing daddy no it all.

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