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  • im_eating_burgers im_eating_burgers Jul 31, 2013 7:46 PM Flag

    The float is smaller than you think.

    Leads me to believe many people are holding their shares until much higher valuations are achieved.

    Don't believe me? Then explain why it only took several thousand shares to drop DARA 4.5% towards the end of the day, only for it to bounce right back up (and on postivie money flow... AGAIN). Today isn't the only day drawing out this erratic behavior either.

    DARA management is targeting 600 patients for its CAPTURE study. Our resident lobotomized dope woodbarn never mentions the increased interest for Bionect on Google Trends (even though I don't necessarily agree with using Google Trends when pertaining to the medical field). Soltamox was also registered on Google Trends yesterday, today it has been removed. This leads me to believe Google Trends has an erratic path on updating its criteria and Soltamox will soon be registered onto it.

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    • "Bionect on Google Trends" Well, DARA has insignificant sales of Bionect after one year. Also Bionect is mostly sold by the main company, Innocutis, as a treatment for skin irritations. I think most of search interest is coming from Italy. You probably did not set region to United States where trend is mostly flat. But like I said, you can not tell if it is sold for skin irritation or radiation treatment.

      "Soltamox was also registered" I think Google Trends takes a sampling from the searches from the time period. Anyway, you notice volume too low to graph for Soltamox. Maybe you got a lucky sampling. All I have ever seen is 0.

      "lobotomized dope woodbarn" Wow, I am one of the few here that does not spew gibberish and you call me names.

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