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  • mitchandpeteareidiots mitchandpeteareidiots Aug 1, 2013 3:00 PM Flag

    2 easy money stocks for next week

    short SR tomorrow morning after the bliss wears off and buy TZA at the close today. let's look back next friday and see if peteys DSNY made what i'll make with these two in one week. plus my short on dara that expires on the same day,watch and

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    • Well crackhead!, your "un-believable" post today of covering on 24% sure does contradict the fact that I am up 250% on Dsny! Maybe the majority of your back-side buddy shorts might believe you, but not me. You had the opportunity to state your short position you took but failed to do so therefore spending another day in fantasy land with the crackpipe! Have you come up with a excuse for your "2 year old odd application post"? I believe the steak you are gonna eat tonight is gonna come out of a bag of kibbles & bits dogfood. Try to stay off the pipe this weekend...

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      • Angry are we? I'm actually having a great Friday petey.You? LOL! How's them 140k shares looking now that the stock is at .60 and flashed .595 earlier. Oh I know,I'm wrong again :) Hey being I feel sorry for you because you do not how to pick good stocks,good stocks to go long that is :) I have a 5 star pick for you and all your loser buddies who have this turd on their plate. I rarely go long on any stock but I took a position earlier today in HALO. If you want be to school you on my reasoning I'll be glad to do it. But first you must admit you were wrong on DARA and aplogize to the board for being an #$%$ :) Tic,toc,tic,toc. HALO will go up 50% by November which coincides with DARA's 1 year anniversary of no partner for krn5500 :) Now time to break out with some champagne to go along with this fine meal I'm about to enjoy compliments of my wonderful trading this week you envy so much :)

      • lol, more flailing and fantasy nonsense by a very desperate, delirious pumper! lololololololol

    • Well its now next friday! "plus my short on dara that expires on the same day"!!!!!

    • Too funny! Major inconsistancies and more story telling! "I will go away if you flash your sell order" and then come back 3 minutes later with a new alias to bring my grand total of alias's to 7. Explain your rendering of your short position last friday again! I have never been fond of habitual liars....

    • LOL even harder! How much money have you made so far? Day 2 of predictions so let me help you, its in the negatives...

    • Lets talk.... i will say that your dara short options are a loss at .50 as you stated by next friday. Personally, after looking at SR, there is money to be made there but believe that every investor and their second cousin will be up on shorting SR therefore making it hard to get the amount of shares you want to short. I would of done it today, instead of tomorrow if you were so confident about it. TZA will not fluctuate accordingly because of continued disbelief by the investment community. These are your investments but hope you make money on 2 of the 3...

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