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  • one_last_time_for_dummy_mitch one_last_time_for_dummy_mitch Oct 3, 2013 7:54 PM Flag

    I can not believe how clueless King Idiot Mitchy is

    Do you NOT know why DARA jumped some 45% yesterday? Let me spell it out for you Mitchy. C-O-V-E-R-I-N-G. And you say you have how many shares? Why do you think I posted "My last post"??? I only logged back on to tell you how much of a phony trader you are. And this stuff about the club house?? Whoppy#$%$. And to add insult to injury, I hope your golf game is better than your calls for the last two years here with DARA :)

    And yes, I bought back in today. AND ALREADY IN THE GREEN! Who's ya Daddy now King Idiot Mitch :)

    Yes, you still N V ME!!

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    • Just cant get away! Please stay....

    • You're a little girl hiding behinds monikers that make you look the fool you are. You claim to trade in and out and make $500 to $1,500 if your lucky ever couple of months and try to make others look bad . Be a man for once in your life and admit your jealous. I tacked back on $46k in one session with no effort, so you bought back in today therefore your timing is a bit off as you missed the 30% up yesterday. Remember bear that I said those will be caught off guard and miss da train and dats what da bear did was to miss da train and chase it you realized that MItch and a few others here were right and the stock is headed higher, just don't sell to soon. That's my gift to you....don't sell to soon else you'll fk up yet again.....good luck to u as I do t need luck, just time....

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      • Mitch's first math lesson. Better yet let's just drop it down to arithmetic 101. What's higher Mitch? -46k or +1500?

      • We all see how excited you are about finally recovering "46k", you've made that clear. Congrats, and if it keeps rising like you think it will than further congrats. All I know is that the way this market has risen in the last half year, disregarding the last couple of weeks, I could give a Neanderthal $180k and he'd probably find better ways of investing it. And make 3x as much profit as you hope to achieve with Dara, all within the same time span.

      • I'd assume he means that he shorted at the top and already made 10+% after today's sell off. I'd also assume it's safe to say he isn't hiding behind monikers as he clearly has identified himself. I'm positive nobody is jealous of you and your narcissistic rantings about your apparent wealth. Lastly, you're still down around $30k as of today's sell off. So why all of the bragging?

    • If yesterday was just short covering, what are you doing buying in today???

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