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  • mitch2bdog mitch2bdog Dec 9, 2013 8:35 AM Flag

    One of Mitch's other holdings ....HEB

    HEB will dlying off the hook today and the Bashers on that board will have thier heads handed to them on a silver platter today compliments of the FDA. I will make out like a bandit on that one today as I already have a sell order in for $.33 which is an easy double. Patiently waiting on DARA to do the same.....tic toc HEB is about to rock.

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    • Day trader penny scalper here. You got caught in DARA, it's obvious. Been trying to average down ever since and you've become obsessed.

    • That is one of your fantasy trades. No posts by you on HEB message board other than on Dec 9, 2013 claiming to sell HEB and telling them to look at DARA. No one replied to your Dec 9, 2013 HEB post since no one there knows you.

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      • Sorry you're clueless again and your assertion is quite amusing, but false. Never the less to coin a common phrase used countless times by you, tell falseness to my "bank account as its growing". Also uncle Sam will get his share and yes I used the term transaction as well wow what a concept. I beleive you're incapable of being happy for others who make money on trades, yet you like to laud your own picks and often squeal like a little girl when you score a $2,500 flip over a two week period. No one here questions your trades and frankly who really cares anyway? I've only mentioned my other trades perhaps once or twice in as many years, and only about profiting on other stocks so that others that follow can see what the Mitch is trading. I post on those well before the market opens and state the trigger sell price in advance, spend hours watching the stock advance, sell order executes & stock is sold and I fully disclose the profit after the sale or transaction. "Wow what a concept huh"...Mine are triggered on the same day and prior to any stock movement as in I forecast in advance. So Einstien if your capabale of following posts in chronological order you'll be able to piece it together over on that board. Never mind I forgot with whom I am conversing with...good day and good bye.

      • LOL!! This is too funny. You could not come up with any good alias names so you went looking through the closet for an used on. HA,ha!! Classic! I through Dara_the_bear out a long time ago. Enjoy the alias :)

        FAB5 ((who is no longer Dara_the_bear!!))!

    • Mitch out of HEB on this 100% run up day I got out between $.335 - $.349 and cleared $42,351,05 with an investment time frame of 3 mos. Not bragging just stating facts. Dara's volume is exceeding daily limits and with volume comes price. When I make money here and I will, I will declare sell price and profit and then move on as I do on other stocks. Just a matter of a little more time, that's all...

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