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  • jerrytheeagle jerrytheeagle Dec 12, 2007 12:32 PM Flag

    Todays news took air out of tires of DYN

    All thosr pundits have disappeared from the scene

    It is sad, very sad

    Will they come back?

    Who knows.

    Theymight migrate to some greener pastures.

    Hope not

    This board needs them more than before.

    Pundits! come back home.

    We need you


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    • No disrespect, but you provided the humor of my day when you said "This board is a copulation of many a brilliant minds....." For a moment, I thought you meant "compilation", but then, again, maybe not. JC

    • Yup, sixes and sevens, could easily be trading there. Significant resistance at $8.50 DYN needs to overcome that to have any chance at the upside.

    • Sounds good...keep me posted on the Austin get together.

      I'll check out BCON over the weekend (weekend after next anyway). I looked at it a bit...had me interested but confused as terms of capex investment vs. profit margin, etc. But, I'll track you down when I'm ready.

      good luck.

    • I'll be heading to Texas late March, early - April -- will be looking to buy in the Austin Area .. Loggjam, Gary, Wingwalking, Lake, possibly Park, Steve D and Anti will also be there. Hope ya can join us for a steak dinner - this will be a pre - shareholder meet.

      I respect your take selling Jan 2009 calls , but won't subscribe to it.. As I stated, what I still own will remain invested in DYN or whatever Bruce runs, going forward. He's garnered my respect and I'll allow him to make us all $$'s.. IMO a real safe parking place in this wild market..



      PS: You're a sharp cat and nice to chat with ya, with neither of us having a chip on our shoulders

      PSS: before MMI gets ya -- last post it should of been Their not (there) :-)

      PSSS: Bcon is the next DYN -- IMO it will pass DYN in price within the next 2 years - do your DD there and if ya want -- I have many files on them

    • "I think selling $10 Jan 09 calls for $1/ call would be help"

      Music to my ears , Iman

      I am glad I already did a few weeks ago.

      No regrets


    • Good post.

      I hate seeing good people give back there profits. It's even worse for those who bought calls and will not capture that additional value that was there in May. Unfortunately, it actually takes away for overall profits because the premium they paid is approaching $0.

      I laid out an options strategy that might help people out. At a minimum, I think selling the $10 Jan'09 calls for $1/call would be a big help with getting back on track.

      Good luck.

    • Let me expound on that,. coming from a Blue collar working environment ( Electrical Lineman ) I have nothing but utmost respect for the class folk I've met over the past years. I couldn't of hand picked better friends - many of us will spend our waning years together in our attempt to find a better trading method. Hence leaving more $$'s to our heirs.. For they are our future. I have a handsome pension via the IBEW to take care of my future needs and rest assured, I live within my means... Trading stock has become an exercise of the mind..

      I know I'm crass at times, but always try to back up my issues with fact. This board is a copulation of many a brilliant minds, yourself included.. May we live long and continue to prosper..


    • Pundits.....I like that word.

      Now it appears we have the non-sophisticated pumpers abound.

      Jerry......I give no more TA here, wasted thoughts on this ever want to check your thoughts, give me a holler at my nic at call me.

      Crazy speculation in lieu of facts drives me nuts.


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