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  • maclad04 maclad04 Feb 1, 2006 8:10 PM Flag

    JSDA on the watch list...

    Just a few thoughts about Jones Soda. I'm glad the message board is up just three short months after requesting it just after Jones hit the Naz in Novemeber.

    Currently I'm not in JSDA although I have traded it profitably. I think that this stock could be a long-term winner, but for myself I see just a few blips on the horizon:

    [1] Other then HANS which has set the world on fire (and possible has topped out for the meantime) Beverages as a group are not moving for the time being. This is the slowest sales period of the year.
    [2] JSDA needs to grow top line and bottom line consistently above at least 20%, 25% would be outstanding. Last Qtrs growth was at 14%.
    [3] JSDA needs to lose the Target deal, which seems to be imploding on it's own, and move the cans from coast to coast, which it seems to be in the process of doing. If this happens I look to a small write-off this Qtr. for Target.
    [4] I think Management needs to "take it to the next level" which means distribution nationwide which no bare spots. I see this as happening in the next couple of years.
    [5] Capital-wise I see a secondary offering sometime this year, which has both positive and dilutive effects on the stock.

    However, Peter has done the right things to get to this point and Jones is well positioned for growth with the Gen X and Y generation. I love the products, and the ability to "mass" customize the labels is probably the single most undervalued asset of this entire company.

    Still on the sidelines, but a great story so far.

    Go Jones.

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    • Jones Soda is on the growth path. Now with more mainstream markets open to sell its products its on a path upwards. Target Stores is a difficult store to get into initially and when it did there was a lot of exposure to the public. Target only sells a certain "look" and Jones Soda had it. Now with it being able to mass market to other retailers such as Walmart (and how mainstream is that?)..that is all middle America the growth will be great!

      It also seems the profit margins are high and that is another big plus for this company. I am sure they have more items in the supply line to sell too....the first being the 24C drink. Like Hans they probably will come up with some "monster" energy drink that those teenieboppers love.

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