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  • johnking212 johnking212 Jun 9, 2006 10:01 PM Flag


    I would first like to say that I hope my opinion here is respected more then some of the previous posters. Sometimes I think people with a different opinion on here are not given the respect that is deserved. Opposing opinions is just the American way folks and there is no way to be more un-American then to put down someone else because their opinion doesnt agree with yours. In our society, bigotry is not the way to go.

    As a black man, I have been the victim of racism and bigotry. I know what it feels like to be put down, but I have worked my way up in society to where I am today. My opinion is valid just like any white man's.

    So with all that said, I would like to state that this stock has run its course. There is simply no growth. The strength it showed today was in part that people were buying into the Bernanke opinion. Folks were buying food and drink stocks in a panic.

    We will know by next earnings report if my thesis proves to be correct. I have opened up a short position at 10.5.

    Thank you all for listening and respecting my opinion in this regard.

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    • Right on I can't understand why anybody would pay two bucks for a bottle of root beer when you can buy a 12 pack for $2.99

      • 1 Reply to isssor
      • replying to yourself?

        But you're right- no one would pay $20 for a bottle of wine when it can be had for $5.99 or even pay $14 for 12 Heinekens while Busch can be had for $6.99 or $4.50 for Kellogs (take your pick) while Sam's brand is $2.38 or Starbucks versus convenient store coffee.

        You don't seeit, and you don't have to see it.

        Well actually you do becuase you are responding to yourself
        Nice try son

    • You're welcome.
      Gotcha on the savaging.
      As to the dilution, well, I'm sort of ok with it. It did pass and we're still a small float stock even with the PIPE and option plan.
      I think some here might have been ok with it had they not been force-fed a constant diet of Jennifer shares.
      Twelve months down the road I don't think we're going to be gripping about it.
      All the new talent is going to have to be rewarded one way or another if they pull off what I think they will.

    • Thanks, Mr. Fish. Appreciate the support. I figured my comment of being a black man and the picture in my profile would have been enough to show where I was coming from. I'll just have to keep it toned down to Hilary jokes I guess.

      As far as my name moniker, created in support of her when she was being mercilessly savaged about posting off topic. My view was always that if you don't like what someone is saying, put them on ignore like uncle ben did with me. Absolutely his right. I'd guess that the great majority of people on any given stock board found out about that stock from a different board.

      Okay with the dilution? Curious on the stock option plan. Did it pass? I'd assume it did.

    • "I guess my sense of humor was totally lost on this board."
      I got it! And appreciated it so hang in there.
      What I don't get is how you can be a fan of slkwing after her display of true divaship towards ttt a couple years ago.
      Man you wouldn't want that broad around ya!

    • Ben ...

      You talk funny.

    • Better watch out heebeegeebeegeebeegeebee

      We's gonna git sued! Folks aren't allowed to speak the truth! Don't you'uns know nothin?



    • You, sir, are giving the 'human' race a bad name. But you have definitely deflected the 'short' insults from yourself.

      You have picked up on a great scam here. Post as a fake short to become noticed, drop the race card, threaten some bogus legal crap to the first poster who responds to your bait and hope for the best.

      You, sir, are the only one Yahoo! will be taking action against...

    • somewhere_on_a_golf_course somewhere_on_a_golf_course Jun 10, 2006 11:45 AM Flag

      And what is really sad, is that I think he truly believes that Yahoo! cares. My God, have you witnessed some of the filth on the other boards? They make the JSDA board look like a pre-school play yard. I think Yahoo! has much bigger fish to fry than worrying about whether or not John is damaged goods because he hung out on one of their message boards. Friggin unbelievable!

      PS (John) - I truly want to understand the ludicrous thinking that causes anyone to short this stock at this stage in the game - that baffles me (waiting your reply).

    • ur the dumbest basher i have ever seen. idiot

    • I do. you mean you're not really an oceananic consulltant?

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