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  • ChicagoIrishman ChicagoIrishman Apr 4, 2007 10:46 AM Flag

    The facts can't be disputed.

    These are facts:

    A. Jones is looking up to 25% penetration in 2007, 50% penetration whereever soda is sold in the USA by 2008.

    B. Jones has been consistently been an overshorted stock for the last year, and consistently has reached a point where no shorted shares weren't available.

    C. Jones tripled the earnings in their 4th Quarter.

    D. Jones' sector partner, Hanson Beverages, involved many of the same technical indications that Jones does. Hanson is widely regarded as the best stock investment of the last 5 years,

    E. Jones is using pure cane sugar as the sweetener in its products, breaking away from high fructose corn syrup. Corn syrup is facing negative possibility re: rising price, overuse of artifical chemicals and possible links to quickening obesity population.

    F. Jones traded at $11.75 on January 4th. At this time of this post, Jones is thrading at $25. a rise of 114%.

    I am a Jones investor.

    These are facts. THEY ARE UNDISPUTED.

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    • Great Post!

      What a pathetic fool that Calsi is.

      Too funny!

    • Makes more sense to just repost the story instead of making people search.

      Once again, "great" posts. And you would have people on this board believe that WE'RE the "high schoolers"? Please. I guarantee that you will have the last word on every subject that doesn't fit into your thinking. That's your personality. I am willing to let Wall St. decide(any thoughts on what it's been thinking for the last 5 weeks???). Doing the math on Piper Jaffray's analysis assigns a 147.6 multiple($31 target/.21 EPS in 2007). Keep arguing, keep denying. They know nothing and neither does anyone on Wall St. Everybody's opinion of this stock is overshadowed by YOU because YOU know it all. LOL. BTW-can you ever stay on topic? You are constantly all over the board with your "posts". Are you ADD? OCD? Both??

      The story of calsi begins and ends with his short position in Jones. He came riding in on his all-knowing horse, confident in his position when the stock was around $20. He was so confident that he even started boasting about his upcoming "business/pleasure trip" that he's taking on April 19th. He threw this out there to expound upon just how confident he was that he had caught the "top" of the stock price. He'd watch Jones retreat to the mid-teens, claim his victory and ride off into the sunset. Wall St. apparently had other plans for tiny calsi. Now, he's put himself in a fix. He disappeared from this board while Jones jumped from $20 up to $25+ per share and, once again, shows up confident as always(back from some other delusional vacation) that "for sure" this was now the "top". He HAS to be off this MB on April 19th to save what little dignity he has left. Unless, of course, his trip mysteriously "gets cancelled". Monday is April 9th and the clock is ticking on poor calsi's self-imposed timeline. That leads us to his big push to damage the stock price. I find it completely and utterly fascinating that he thinks this MB ACTUALLY influences Wall St. It is amazing, mindblowing and retarded. He thinks this forum is the end all be all to Jones(oh yeah, along with Cramer). LOL. This is the truth about the frantic activity of one troycalsi. Check his posting history. He and I actually had a civil conversation about this stock once upon a time. I agree that the long term driver to this story is ultimately demand. It's just that the demand is not going to show up on the bottom line until circa Q3 earnings(see Piper Jaffray's analysis).

      I don't care what happens to Jones over the short term. calsi has bet many thousands of dollars(according to him, anyway) that Jones will take a dive from here. Long term holders of this stock would appreciate that dip more than you could imagine to accumulate so, in a half-hearted way, I hope he's right. I'm just not BETTING on it.

      You have been on and off my ignore settings. Your attitude and juvenile manner are just about to get you back on ignore. You could care less and so could I.

    • FACT.......JONES closed at $25.54 on april 5th and beat the crap out of the shorts that got in its way.

    • troy baby your on the money. don't knocK yourself out making your point ...we need idiots like these people to run stocks up to ridiculous levels so we can short them!!!! I LOVE UNSOPHISTICATED INVESTORS!!!

    • Bunp!!!

    • Hans was a smaller company than Jones... I know.... I was there. Jones has a great product line. Try them youself if you don't believe me. I know you can't see the demand for Jones, because you hate it so much, for crushing the cash in your short margin account. Just wait and see what the rest of the year brings. Then maybe you will learn how to measure future demand.


    • My cart is full of revenues (To an investor the stock price) and I'll put that cart ahead of the horse.

      Dude, you need to get off this cramer thing your on.

      Will JSDA use all of the "Y" you spoke of?

    • Yeah, You might want to look into where UC Irvines MBA school is ranked..

      You have just proved you know less than nothing...

    • skumar3 Frat Boy Ass Clown.

      read his brilliant analysis! Make your own judgements!

    • Wrong... Demand and Marketing are in front of the Horse... The cart is ALWAYS behind the horse... The cart is where the REVENUE goes.... You don't get paid until someone buys... That is why your hopes and dreams for JSDA are just that... Not based in any kind of fact!

      If they were larger? If they had a substatial product line? If they were on the cutting edge (I don't want to hear about PCS... MANY other companies use PCS including Dr Pepper, etc)? If they had a major following? Maybe, this could be looked at as a rocket ready to go off!

      Why do I say this?? Because we have seen it before... HANS. HANS had a large company with a substantial product line, established distribution network (their own), they got in on the early floors of the Energy Beverage market, and they have translated that into a MAJOR FOLLOWING! JSDA has NONE of these... That is why they are not the next HANS as Jim Cramer has predicted. When this doesn't turn out to be a Rocket Gold Mine, try calling in to Jim to ask him why?? My guess is he will not put you on the air! Like he didn't for those he suckered into JDSU last year or CPN two years ago! These are companies he made personal projects, just like he has done with JSDA

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