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  • dems_please_fix_america dems_please_fix_america Oct 25, 2007 11:41 PM Flag

    who has the most shares of this turd.

    I can see gambling on this pos with retail horrible and the price of every food in the grocery store, bread, milk, etc up 20%.

    Maybe 100 shares 200 shares would be a real gamble.

    This stock has alot of shorts for a very good reason.

    Many see JSDA going under 5 for at least 4 or 5 days to clear out all those margin longs living in mommy and daddys basement,unclear of BUSH and his plan for a new world order.39 agencys now carry automatic weapons, it was 9 under clinton.

    The shit is not selling and to top it off, the strawberry lime is the only thing that sells yet on an end cap they had everything but that flavor and when will the pure cane cola with caffeine be out, 2008? 2009?

    I might buy this pos then at 5 or 6 dollars.


    real stocks with real futures

    oil stocks tank soon as well as financials.

    To top it off I here this failure regime is planning another inside job, followed by more freedoms being stripped away.A war in IRAN followed by a recession and then the great depression.

    Nobody has any money, at least in my state and nobody knows what JONES is, let alone buys it.

    Bush majored in Nazism and the effects of the atomic bomb on humans but he counts on stupid sheep who vote republican because warped by media mommy or daddy does.

    goog search then watch zeitgeist the movie to wake up to america being stolen right in front of you through fear and the media.

    bush took away your right to a trial, an american citizens right, terrorist or even if your not a terrorist.

    Republicans just vote because corporatism and corporate advertisements tricked the poor into voting for the rich, if you do not make 250,000 a year and vote republican, you let their scare tactic win and you are poor voting for the rich, which only widens the gap between the rich and the ppor even moreso!

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