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  • dems_please_fix_america dems_please_fix_america Oct 26, 2007 6:10 PM Flag

    who has the most shares of this turd.

    The state is florida

    come on down

    we will lock you up

    you will try to leave

    but we will bring you back on probation violation

    no money here, no tourists here

    the rich are the stingiest you can imagine

    they do not tip but they like to see our soldiers die in iraq

    i mean they don't have to, they are warped old fucks

    that get off on scripted fox news

    the same fox that tried to pay off their employees to keep the monsanto hormones being added to milk that cause cancer in your milk.

    the pukes are in bed and bribed by the big corporations

    and you stupid pukes wonder why your girl has her period at 11

    you are stupid and our media is filtered

    liveleak. C o m for real news

    you puke ,everything is fine in la la land pussys be sure to take off the graphic filter

    as an example here is the entire bin laden message

    no i do not like him, i think he might not even exist but here is the whole message unedited by the media

    republicans are scared, stuck in their way sissys, even if you prove something to them as obvious as global warming or secret societys controlling our federal reserve and economy, they will deny deny deny till they die!

    i should have known most jones longs are complete retards, only smart enough to pop a can open and drink it, when i was a long in this joke i bought it without doing much research, the only stock i ever did that with,i imagine many did the same.

    warning, we will fuckup and steal the election again

    ha ha you can't stop us, our elections are for sale, yeah buddy!

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