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  • rmm3165 rmm3165 Dec 9, 2007 5:07 PM Flag

    Jones sighting

    Yes, I made it all up. I confess. I'm really short on a million shares of Jones so please sell all your shares so I can cover at a lower price. No, wait, I'm really long a million shares. Please buy so the price goes up and I can get out at a profit. Go do your own research. Walk into a store. Find out who is responsible for beverages and ask them how Jones is doing. Thats what I do. What? Walmart and Jones have cornered the market on marketing brains? If Jones is so smart, how come the stock is in the crapper and the CEO is leaving. Maybe what I see at my local Walmart is a small indication of how the can roll out is a fiasco. Maybe having a pallet of Jones in an area having nothing to do with beverages give Jones an edge (ie. Coke and Pepsi arent around to distract you). Why would I make that up when any idiot (including most of the people on this board) could go to their own Walmart and do the same thing I did. Get your head out of your ass, visit some stores and do some real research. Thats what kept me out of this stock when Cramer was pumping it in the teens.

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    • You missed the point. I wasn't defending Jones. Just thought it odd that Walmart would leave product shrink wrapped. Why would they do that? i do go to Walmart, Kmart, Winn Dixie, Publix and Albertson's. Stores don't leave products of any kind shrink wrapped and unaccessible. i think Walmart has a pretty good handle on marketing. Jones has lots to learn. I do know one thing for certain. Walmart isn't going to sabotage itself. They KNOW how to market and sell products.

    • so your not long or short...hmmm,why you hang out here then?..are you a predator???looking for a young child?

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