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Jones Soda Co. (JSDA) Message Board

  • dallasva dallasva Mar 20, 2008 10:44 AM Flag

    Cola at Harris teeter Ashburn

    Some good news... Cola at Harris teeter in Ashburn Virginia. The next day when I came back one was gone. Only 5 Cola 12 packs, not sure if there were a lot more than that weeks before or what. I also tried the Cola and thought it was good.

    If Jones can replace the flavors that are not selling with Cola and Lemon Lime and the cola and Lemon Lime have a decent sell thru then this company will turn around. If the cola and Lemon Lime sit on the shelf then I will sell my shares. For me that is where they screwed up the most they basically went national with a bunch of funky flavors that the majority of the population will not drink including me.

    I will be watching the cola and the lemon lime flavors in my area to see if they are moving. I will let the board know what I see.

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    • sweet!

    • The green apple is really good, but I usually drink the
      sugar-free black cherry. Something that might do them well
      is to introduce more sugar free flavors.

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      • As a former Coke/Pepsi drinker, I would never buy an "unknown" brand of Cola. I tried Jones, because I own the stock. The flavors are wonderfully delicious. Unless the management comes up with a reasonable plan to advertise, I'm afraid it will be a long time to profits. The lack of sell through
        is a red flag. People just aren't likely to buy an unknown brand.

    • Cola is what you like but everyone is different I happen to love the Diet funky flavors!

      • 1 Reply to goferusa
      • Yes. Actually, I believe that cola has been on a downtrend in marketshare for years. Maybe decades. It's why Coke had such a problem with Pepsi. Pepsi had a better diversification of tastes/flavors.

        Coke has been trying to ameliorate that situation through acquisitions.

        Among others...

        Someone used the word "outsell" Sprite, Pepsi, Coke, etc...

        Bad choice of words, IMHO. For shareholders to get wealthy, they would only need to take small marketshares from the big guys. Hansen's Lemon/Lime isn't outselling anyone.

        The cola flavor is important, but more for the older generations. I am sure that younger generations drink less and less of this.

        Good thing that there are people whose sole job it is to crunch these numbers. I am sure, or at least hope, that Jones has employed at least one of them.

        Any one of our anecdotes doesn't really matter much statistically, when dealing with a product that sells to such a wide audience.

        The question most important questions are does someone like what is coming out of their plants, are they buying it, and can Jones get it to them.

        Increasingly, despite all of the hiccups, the answer seems to be yes. It seems to be easier to get ahold of these products this year than it was last year, and the year before.

        The fact that Wal-Mart carries their product is good to hear, and the distribution guy seems to provide much better evidence that the soda is selling through to consumers. Good stuff.

        Disclosure, I bought in the $2.7x range, after much of the turmoil. We may not get back to $32.00 again, but there's a lot of room in between here and there for profit.

    • the cola and lemon lime will have to beat coke and sprite, 7up in flavor if its going to outsell them.....especially if it's more expensive. I think the best hope for jones soda's are the other flavors that don't copy green apple and berry lemonade, black cherry...

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      • I agree Jones cola and lemon-lime will need to taste better than the major brands. Because Jones sweetens with sugar instead of corn syrup, I don't think they'll have a hard time competing. People just need to try and they can't try it if it's not on the shelves.

        Jones uses sugar and their root beer flavor blew me away. Now, when I drink a corn syrup soda, I realize it doesn't finish clean. It is clingy and corny and the difference is huge IMO.

        This is why I chose to invest in Jones. It just tastes better. I can't wait to try the cola. I'm pretty sure I won't be disappointed.

      • I totally disagree. There are a lot of people like me that are willing to try the coke and even pay $40 to have 12 shipped from MyJones. If the cola is good people will come back. A lot of people want a choice and will give it a try. Jones can still keep a few funky flavours that are selling through and add limited edition flavors to entice people.

      • i have tried the lemon0lime flavor. it is awesome. people just need to try it. it blows sprite and 7-up away......alaska airlines will start sampling it april 1

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