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  • corbydillon corbydillon May 22, 2008 9:40 PM Flag

    MyJones now in Walmart Photo Centers

    My local WalMart has an area devoted to placing custom pictures on 6pack bottles of Jones. It has a little display and brochure. The promotional materials are touting Jones custom labels for weddings and so forth. This is the manifestation of a perfect synergy.

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    • JSDA should create a system where people can create customize bottles of Jones within minutes.

      Upload your photo, then print out the label on the spot. $2 a pop. Great profit margin, plus it will create buzz for the brand at very low cost.

    • Thought I would resurrect this thread since it is the oldest and most relevant to the subject.

    • Do you EVER say anything that makes sense?

      I've been waiting over a year.

      I will give you credit, you really know how to spin it.

    • Hey, I haven't even spoken to you yet, barnacle crisp. I was speaking to infantile oops, who can't seem to figure out when he is or is not debating someone. I guess with all those billion-dollar deals he's constantly brokering his mind gets a bit scattered. Of course, he could spend less time on a public message board if he is having trouble keeping up in other areas of his life, but then he would have to give up playing the role of shrinkydink to everyone here. Too much of a sacrifice, I suppose.

    • i like your "non debate, debate", thats to funny...i had to let my girl read pay money to watch you "non" debate, debate mike tyson...on gay maraige...hey new marketing plan...get walmart to lower thier JONES product to one bottle, hell stick it on the topmost shelf, so only shaq can reach it...let coke go on building bridges, and skyskrapers, out of cases of coke, i think jones sales will go through the remember last year, when starbucks lowered the shelf-space to 0?...that sure has helped ol jonesey's sales...i actually am kinda happy, not being worthy of being bested, in a debate, with such a masterfull debater, like yourself....thats some funny stuff...

    • I love this. "I won't debate you because you don't have the business experience to debate me, but I'll take a contrary position to everything you say, even though I'm not debating you. You're really lucky I'm not debating you, because I'm really good. When I'm not busy making toy models of businesses, I'm helping run real businesses."

      Get's get one thing straight. I'm not interested in debating you, so spare me the faux courtesy. You don't have the analytical ability to see when you've been bested, so debated you would be fruitless by default...and... you STILL haven't addressed the topic of this thread. Amazing.

      How DO you do it, and still come out thinking of yourself as some kind of savant?

    • you guys are complete morons, a decrease in shelf space, could not be an increase in would stocking less equil more sales...its marketing, fill the window with the cleanest , shiniest, abundent product to increase sales...put the crap, that does not sale, or has a lower proffit margin, in the back...milk being the exception,(there is a reason that milk is always in the back of every store) can you compare coke, to jones?...even if jones has a better product, coke crushes them in sales...crushes them in marketing...hell here in vegas, larrys villa, ( a local strip club) crushes jonesey in advertising....most stores, including walmart, has a bigger display of coke/pepsi, at each register, than jones has in the back, bottom of the shelf...display if you call it that...a decrease in shelf space= an increase in god thats a stupid statement...

    • I didn't bother because it is nonsense from a person that simply doesn't have the business experience to debate me.

      Lower shelf space equals lower demand........Simple as that. You cannot spin it any other way.

      Feel free to ignore the truth. You have for over a year now, so I don't expect you to see the light any time soon.

      Oh, and Im pretty sure you were the one that said slotting fees were one time expenses. If that is the case, then why would they need to lower shelf space if they already paid for it?

    • Six..

    • i called walmart it is going in all walmarts.......good news

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