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  • nomanchoda nomanchoda Mar 12, 2009 6:29 PM Flag

    JSDA now a great investment imho

    A year ago I expressed my great disappointment in the disaster that had become the Jones Soda Company and conveyed my opinion that JSDA would trade down to cash value as it didn't deserve to trade any higher until they drastically turned this company around.

    Well, they have done just that and in a major way, beyond even my own greatest expectations. I never expected Steve Jones to be the CEO beyond his contract expiration, however, I did feel he was a vital key in helping to shed Jones of its past toxicity, transition the company and set the platform for future growth... it was a big test for him and he gets an A+ for doing exactly what I was hoping for - the past Jones is gone and the new smart, intelligent and prudent Jones Soda is built and ready for growth moving forward.

    The appointment of Joth Ricci as CEO was something I was also hoping for as he is without question the best person I could imagine to lead Jones Soda back to growth and achievement of its highest goals. With the current team in place I expect expansive growth and the best growth this company has ever seen in its history over the next two and three years.

    One example of brilliant marketing is getting Jones Gaba onto University campuses with active promotions. Jones Gaba will be a huge hit with students who are stressed, studying for exams and the most important focal point for Jones Gaba's incubation is on college campuses. As these students graduate and become professionals they will carry the Jones Gaba brand with them into the work place. First mover in Gaba beverage is key here and intelligent marketing to establish that and Jones Soda has set the stage for that. I didn't think the exclusivity agreement made financial sense and it was to run out next year anyway. No one has an exclusive agreement for Caffeine for example. What's important is the marketing, branding and first mover advantage. Additionally, the strong relationship Jones Soda has with Mitsubishi is key and that's something that has been clearly established over the last year.

    Going forward, the worst is definitely behind Jones Soda and it's now in my opinion a real investment with an intelligent, prudent and sharp CEO along with now a strong and respectable team that is more than capable of taking Jones to the next level and beyond.

    JSDA no longer deserves to be trading anywhere near cash value considering forward growth and cash growth expected during the second half of 2009. The forward growth of JonesGaba has the best prospects of any Jones product in the past and with the University campus promotion deals already in place, this will likely see solid and potentially enormous success beyond what most are expecting. I like they are not hyping or pumping as they did in the PVS days and keeping realistic expectations, as any upside surprises will have a much more powerful effect than investors setting the bar unrealistically high. Ironically, this time they actually do have the potential to achieve enormous growth but they aren't promoting it, as the proof will be in the results and Jones Soda will now start to see real results over the months and years ahead.

    This should steadily trade back up the single digits this year. In the years ahead there is no limit to the growth JSDA will see and that will ultimately be determined by the success of the team in place, which is by far the best team Jones Soda has ever had.

    I'm not trying to hype as I have in the past and will always give my honest assessment of the company whether it's negative or positive. The worst is now behind JSDA and the best is yet to come imho.

    Good luck to all.

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