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  • basehit123 basehit123 Mar 23, 2012 4:22 PM Flag

    The Word of Meissner:

    Do his conference call words and media releases carry substance and are they The Truth, or is it just nice tasting KoolAid? If Jones can happen, he seems to be the guy that can do it, but Nutty keeps saying watchout for that good KoolAid?

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    • they do compete against coke and pepsi, both for shelf space and for the consumer's wallet. it's very hard for consumers to pay $12+ for a pack of Jones when they can buy any coke or pepsi brand at 99-cents for a 2-liter bottle during most any holdiay season. convenience stores have limited shelf space so if Jones doesn't have a fast stock turnover, the shelf space is given to something else. Jones has been a failure thus far at grocery stores and likely to fail at 7-11 stores as well. this is Meissner's last stand... one more share issue to fund marketing efforts and he'll burn thru that cash before declaring BK.

    • they are not competing against coke. they are competing against small label producers for soda and big names for energy. they are late to the party in both. fufu berry is a drink for a child. made up flavors with artificial ingredients are going anywhere in this market, especially at the high end. meissner does not know what to do. i would actually not expect him to stay long as the funds dwindle. i would expect the recent investors to be pretty shocked at the failure of any news to move the stock up. and the money will only last a couple of quarters before senior money is needed. i would expect the next financing to be convertible and probably fatal.

      that interview was worthy of a 11th grade business class presentation. will the board bring in new mgmt before it is too late?

      i am guessing losses of 2.4 million for the current quarter.

    • Well I guess that goes for these clown businesses too, and I'm sure there are more if really interested?,default,sc.html

    • 'with clothing, hats, t-shirts and other funky wearables"""""""'




    • nuttierthansquirrellshiat nuttierthansquirrellshiat Mar 26, 2012 7:16 PM Flag

      well based on your track record here on this board...

      it's pretty clear whats going on at the peix board....

    • nuttierthansquirrellshiat nuttierthansquirrellshiat Mar 26, 2012 5:20 PM Flag

      peso dont mean to jump in , but im lmfao at resinhead's comments....

      RESINHEAD,,,, Why are you

      first the low buying interest shows peso is not alone in his opinions...

      second how is meissner battling when he is incubating the product for 2 years .

      third it's not the little debt they have it's the little bit of cash they have left to survive.

      fourth your calling over 12 million shares added afew extra shares

      when meissner started there was 26 million now over 38 million and now facing delisting because of it....

      do you seriously think anyone is buying your b.s

      puff , puff , pass


    • not only that, Jones doesn't have the product, branding, or distribution to make it on a national scale.

      first of all, the quirky label are suitable for mass appeal. my grandmother ain't buying a soda with some hippie surfer dude on the bottle at a price that is significantly higher than most every other soda on the grocery isle. sorry, not gonna happen.

      second, there is limited shelf space at major retailers and ya gotta compete hard against coke n pepsi products both on price and brand recognition. Jones does neither.

      third, the CEO has been spouting off about the private distribution channel they have created and he speaks like that's a valuable asset. sorry, coke n pepsi have distribution channels worth money (as separate entities) but nobody important (e.g. micro beer makers) is paying to use Jones' distribution channel so it's not an asset... it's an expense.

      fourth, the CEO has forgotten his original plan to focus on core flavors and drive them hard into mass market... to gain volume and thus pricing advantages from increased mfg.

      lastly, you don't grow sales by stealing money from shareholders (who are probably Jones' most loyal customers) with new share issues that don't actually increase sales enough to compensate shareholders for their dilution. Q1 is almost gone and the marketing spend for new distribution points (e.g. Publix) is having minumal effects on case volume. next stop is another share issue in 90-120 days for the next 'incubation' plan?

    • Well, in looking at those specific companies, AAPL wasn't always the best tho. In 98, HPQ was ~38 and DELL was ~20, while AAPL was .....~7. If you believed however that it had potential, you did quite well.

      For PETM if I remember correctly, it had some pretty good cash struggles of their own going on where not only growth, but survival were questionable. Petco and another one were also struggling. Did one know at the time that PETM would be the primary survivor and be where it is today? Not me. There was potential, but also questions of concern.

      Look what Hanson's was prior to 2004 vs what it is today. And they were also going up against the major beverage companies.

      What can Meissner do and to what potential if any? Can he come up with some revolutionary beverage like a Monster? Don't know yet as far as I'm concerned. However, because of his past experience in being part of building Fuze and Sobe, I do think he is capable of vision and execution. Are the products worth a $billion? To that I would say unlikely, but is he smart enough to go get a decent size piece of the pie? Yeah, I think so, because he's done it.

      I would have been nice to see better results to date, but also didn't expect it to happen over night either. Will the cash last? Don't know. Will further dilution be in order? Appears likely, but he does seem to be sensitive to that. Will a reverse split be in order? I think it depends on Q2 and Q3 before we know for sure, but others obviously feel it is emminent.

    • i didnt miss your point. i said the companies you cited had roiugh patches, BUT they did one thing better than anyone else and had a core vision EVEN when struggling.

      please define what jones does that is unique or better than anyone else? what is their mission. PETM had a clear mission and method. name any company without those elements that was highly successful in building a brand?

      why would you think jones will have great success? explain why whoopass and fufu berry soda will be worth a billion dollars and how they will come to dominate the markets they are in.

      i do not think you can explain. meissner can not so how could you?

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