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  • alderson59 alderson59 May 2, 2012 10:06 PM Flag

    slide presentation????

    Why do they need slides to continually show downward arrows???
    .28 cent stock next friday. don't be sucked in to this baggiedom.
    Look at the track record, they've continually tripped over every hurdle, and are running outta cash. They may pump it to dilute once again.....Pretty soon there will be 50 million shares out. .10 cents a piece, pink sheet or a 10 for 1 reverse split, either way, it is just a horrid stock to own. $32.00 to .32 cents

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    • nuttierthansquirrellshiat nuttierthansquirrellshiat May 10, 2012 10:27 AM Flag

      after todays .045 loss reported

      nutjob = 1005

      dogbreath = 0

      TICK , TOCK

    • Does reality ever intrude on your little world?

      Right 1004 times wrong 0 ? ROFLMAO

      Never made a mistake?

      That pretty much speaks for itself King Narcissus.

    • nuttierthansquirrellshiat nuttierthansquirrellshiat May 10, 2012 10:02 AM Flag

      keep spinning dogbreath,,,

      the fact is i made money hand over fist with my spot on calls and you made nothing , your the baggie....FACT

      today you will be wrong again , mr 18% growth

      TICK , TOCK

    • The impressive legend, known far and wide for his humility, or is that posts that end up humiliating him.

      After all Nutjob it was you ho claimed that Jones was could not raise money by the end of last year and swore that after the agreement they could not issue new stock.

      Your words at least were caught on the wrong side of the trade both times.

      It was of course so nice of you to tell everyone how perfectly you timed the market (after the fact of course) despite how often you seemed to be wrong about what you thought was going to happen.

      It is also great that someone as brilliant and wealthy as you are so nice about guarding the board and responding in under 30 minutes to 90% of the posts that call your brilliance into question.Most wealthy geniuses would not have time for that and might have a life. LOL

    • no mirror needed , i just look at my extremely impressive portfolio

      and yes jsda will dilute to survive again adding millions of shares just like i said 2 years ago .

      doggy won't get any sleep tonight , he will be praying for 18% growth so he can get at least 1 call right..

      not gonna happen .....FACT!!!!!!!!

      nutjob = 1004

      dogbreath= 0

    • It must be very difficult to type on a key board while you are busy looking at your own brilliance in the mirror.

      Do you still think that they are not legally allowed to issue new shares this year?

      They must have broken the law, call 911. LOL

    • your attempt to try and change the subject will not change the fact that you will be wrong again, when the numbers are reported tomorrow mr 18% growth

      TICK , TOCK

    • You are definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

      I have pointed out your utter and complete narcissism over and over along with your need to proclaim your unparalleled genius and you are too slow to realize all you do is confirm the assessment with your continued claims of perfection and admonitions that you have been right a gazillion times and everyone else is wrong all the time.

      Very few of my posts have even been about the company lately, all about you continuing to proclaim yourself the resident genius and call other people dirt and you still redirect and attack, but you don't even seem bright enough to change your approach at all.It is still all about how superduper you are and how big of a failure anyone who disagrees with you is.

      Go ahead and say I'm jealous of your fabulous anonymous avatar again,if you do it in all caps along with the multiple exclamation points maybe everyone will finally believe you.

    • no matter how hard you try to spin the facts and my spot on calls , you will still be wrong again tomorrow with your 18% growth call

      nutjob= 1003

      dogbreath= 0



    • Saying something is a fact does not make it so.

      Capitalizing FACT does not make something a fact.

      You can read charts ,but we have already established you have trouble with simple concepts such as compounding or whether or not a company can issue new shares.

      Heck, you went from saying that the company was going to issue 100 million shares in one day to they are not allowed to issue any more,right before they issued more.

      If it makes you feel better keep telling yourself that you are perfect and that would make you the only perfect person on the board and in the world. LOL

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