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  • alderson59 alderson59 Jun 5, 2012 3:52 PM Flag

    question for nuttie????

    which comes first?
    a. reverse split to avoid delisting?
    b. more dilution because they are out of cash?
    c. Out of business?
    d. sellout for a quarter a share?

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    • Legend in your own mind.

      Keep looking in the mirror and telling yourself how special you are.

    • nuttierthansquirrellshiat nuttierthansquirrellshiat Jun 7, 2012 11:41 AM Flag

      i never said it was a buy dumbo!!!!!!

      having trouble reading and understanding again

    • Lets see.

      Gold is down about 2.5% today and GSS is down 4%.

      Absolutely no correlation,the chart whisperer said it is a buy. ROFLMA

    • nuttierthansquirrellshiat nuttierthansquirrellshiat Jun 7, 2012 11:28 AM Flag

      blah! blah! blah!

      no wonder you don't make money DUMBO....

      you have no clue......

      charts change by the minute or second ,every tick moves the chart Dumbo!!!!!!!!

    • To quote nutjobs favorite poster. Himself. LOL

      "the stock could go up or it could go down nice call"

      The second stock has only run up over 40% in the last few weeks, but don't worry there will be a trailing indicator telling you how well the stock has already performed hitting soon.

      Since 60% of the companies product has a relatively high extraction cost in Ghana of over 1,300. an ounce don't expect too much if the gold prices resume their downward move after the recent short term move up.

    • Good stuff, Thank you!

    • the charts show GSS as a downward trending stock and no buy signal

      you don't buy downward trending stocks or try to catch a bottom on downward trending stocks.

      so the charts did not tell you to buy at .90

      the last signal was a sell /short at 1.85.

      you would be looking at future resistance not support on downward trending stocks ...if it was trending up it would be support...

      with that said the first sign of the downward trend changing is when the shorter term moving averages start to cross the longer term moving averages and stays above..

      right now on GSS the 9dma is heading north and if the stock continues to trade above the 28dma 1.24 the 9 will cross the 28 giving a buy signal it will be a weak buy signal seeing how the other major moving averages are trending down(primary trend) but if the 9 continues to trade above the 28 then the short term trend has started to change and the longer it continues to stay above it will change the intermediate trend and long term trend

      you follow the primary trend ," the trend is your friend ".....

      if the 9 dma stay's "below" the 28 dma it will continue to trend lower and you will see why the charts never gave a buy at .90 and why .90 was never a bottom...

      you might get lucky trying to catch a bottom on a downward trending stock ,but the odds are against you , stick with the primary trend.

    • Ok, For GSS, In your charting:
      Could you have predicted the bottoming around .90, and it's steady return above the 20 DMA. If so, what technicals are you considering other than longer term support?

      If shorting, would that have been when the 20 crossed the 50?

      In general, when do you consider a trend confirmed, and a reversal in effect: higher highs, lower lows, moving avg's, other?


    • reeds move is based on earnings and growth not fluff will hold and could go higher than 2x sales and settle back at 2x sales until the next earnings...

      you don't go against the trend , sure some shorts will hit it just like longs hitting jones downward trend...

      if reeds has a correction before going higher could happen at 3.47 or 3.22 ,(these numbers are trending higher speaking as of right now) but charts are saying going higher , you have to watch the charts they change by the minute..

      and jones does not deserve 1.00 or same p/s as reeds , they have declining revs/ sales , no growth , about to be delisted and go out of buisness ,, thats why jsda is in a downward trend and going lower you could see .5 p/s ratio (.22)before the next loss is reported or negative catalyst occurs ...

    • Agree on the trend, but I've also seen what goes up, must come down. In resuming the trend, I'd have to see this coming back down to 2.75 - 3 range. On anything longer than a 3 month, this recent move is straight up. These just never hold, but we'll see here. I think shorts will hit it with profit takers, unless there's something else going on here?

      So depending on exact info used
      Revenue ~26 mil
      Rev per share ~2.4
      Book Value - .28
      Forward PE 52+

      Revenue ~17 mil
      Rev per share .52
      Book Value .14
      Forward PE N/A

      So I guess the good thing is Reeds has a forward P/E. But based on your PPS assessment for Reeds, should JSDA be ~$1 ?

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