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  • dig_oracle dig_oracle Jul 1, 2012 11:54 AM Flag

    More NUKEs on the way.....

    Jenny Cue is not fit to run anything let alone a publicly traded company. Back in the day during the old PRs with PVS, whenever she opened her mouth you just cringed. Never forget that PVS gave her the boot a long time ago in order to hire a competent CFO, and now she is running the company?????

    Meisner, well good ole meisner never had a chance with his strategy of investing money in WhoopAss. To this day, I have yet to see a single can on any store shelf.

    Best of luck to you all, and yes the truth is often stranger than fiction, as illustrated by the turn of events at JSDA;)

    PS: Don't be surprised to see JSDA trading in the 10-20 cent range.....

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    • I was not around when she left but it appears that she left the company after the initial run up on the Target agreement so that the company could raise a large chunk of cash to sign million dollar stadium deals and go head to head with Coke in the fountain business and everyone knows how well that worked out.

      People have been posting that Jones has to be more like Reeds.

      Reeds SGA last quarter was almost 750k less than Jones despite having over 2.5 million more in sales and having their own production facility.

      Meissner plan at spending large amounts of money on marketing before having the product on enough selves did not work and sponsoring a MMA fighter to try and get the Whoopass product on the shelves in the first place did not work out as well as he expected.

      Since there was a unit drop of 2% in the first quarter and it appears that they did not ship to the new retailers that authorized at the end of last year during the first quarter (as they had the year before) that leaves 2 important questions.

      1)Did they move the initial shipments to Publix and Safeway from the first to the second quarter or were the authorizations similar to the Walmart authorizations from a few years ago when only a small percentage of the stores placed initial orders?

      2)While they are cutting back on much of the marketing will they still spend on discount pricing and slotting fees?

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