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  • basehit123 basehit123 Jan 7, 2013 4:51 PM Flag

    122K shares today Nutty...

    Actually, it really was just the simple question it is. Just wondering as kind of the average daily amount, and you seem to have at least partial access to that type of info

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    • i have full access to that info and you do too.....FACT!!!!!!!

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    • "Not pumping at all, and not changing tune. I'm just surprised at the volume amount considering the penny price, small range, delisted, etc.

      So Who's trading the shares?
      -Insider Selling as you say - Don't see that. We also would see that thru SEC Filings
      -Shorts - I don't see them downside investing here now either. There's gotta be better short opportunities!
      -Longs - Maybe? Building positions to take a shot
      -Shorts selling and then buying back, given your numbers for shares shorted - Maybe? I'm not knowledged enough to know how this could be manipulated to make meaningful money for such a small penny range, but I wouldn't be surprised that there's a way to do it"
      your having a hard time understanding WHO? is trading jsda....and the little amount of money being traded also keep putting words in my mouth.....

      I never said insiders are selling would see a form 4 if they were must be drinking the bong water again..

      shorts - you don't see them downside here ??? not sure what that means ... but if shorts short at this range its 100% gain when jsda goes to 0.00 and no capital gains tax

      longs - yes lottery ticket with very bad odds .. just look at the balance sheet and read the 10Q

      my numbers for shares shorted are not my numbers i don't know how you think it's my numbers after i showed you a very easy way to see the numbers ...puff. puff. pass

      you are very confused and keep twisting facts and coming up with conspiracy theories and keep putting words in my mouth ...i gave you the answer to your question numerous times and you still don't get it ...reality check is coming soon...

      TICK , TOCK

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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