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  • baldingcontrarian baldingcontrarian May 23, 2013 1:09 PM Flag

    new blood into the stock

    via MM's PERT and CDEL. Havent seen them in the mix since I started watching L2 on this stock a couple months ago. With the brand recognition and following jones has and the superb record of JC as a manager, etc this will only get more interesting over time. imo

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    • Interesting, hadn't noticed that until now. This continues to set up so beautifully, the break past .60 should get the volume and momentum into a higher gear too.

    • hey boatflipper.....are you buying back in?????

    • That is very correct.

      I've invested in a number of successful turnaround situations over the past year. In every single one of them the common theme was a strong CEO, who presented a clear, definitive, strategic plan that made strong/swift changes in the near-term, was forward looking beyond the near-term hatchet swinging, and it was communicated and reiterated in an effective manner to the company as well as shareholders.

      JC has done all of that here. In the situations where I've already seen (enormous) positive returns in the other situations, good stock gains have occurred in the 3 to 6 month range from when I invested, larger/huge gains have occurred in the 9 to 12 month range.

      I have no doubts the same will happen here - it's already begun to play out similarly.

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      • when I started at this it was 2002 and everything was for sale. this is about my 25th turnaround company and only 2 failed(and they were in sectors I knew little about, telecom and digital storage.), the rest I sold too soon b/c I am inpatient by nature.
        And we agree on a lot more than that but lets not get ahead of ourselves too too much. It will be sweeter that way. And yes, it all starts with a broken franchise/business model that was created by the cycle and or dubious prior management, along with other exogenous factors. When Enron failed
        I bot WMB/DYN/RRI and others in the merchant sector. they were all left for dead. sold too early, way too early. more recently after lehman I bot FITB/KEY/BAC and had to sell those b/c of divorce.
        Not all needed new mngmt but this one certainly needed a proven manager like JC. It all starts with management.
        Now my old man wants in on this one too. He's a buyer this week.
        The only thing I might disagree with you on is nutty. my Scooby sense tells me he is or was short, plus a post I found where he slipped and let it out.

        Like buffett says,its hard to kill a franchise. Look at KKD, they should have gone c11 8 years ago by any measure, or ELN, same thing too, and so many others, like healthsouth. bot that one on the pinks for 45 cents.

    • pert got frisky and threw the buy order right at the ask. the buyers, pert and ubss are not willing to sit and accumulate at these prices-they want to guarantee their spot at the party

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