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  • nufffsedd nufffsedd Jun 10, 2013 6:06 PM Flag

    Jordan Terry and Stone Street Advisers (JSDA article) - opinions anyone?

    The Stone Street Adviser website has another article by Jordan Terry on NVLX. possible oncology delivery vehicle. After the article came out in March '13 it went from nickle to a dime in a couple days and up to .20 in 2 months. It's sitting back a dime now. I'm a JSDA strong buy but just looking for other opportunities.

    am hoping Baldingcontrarian, o08o, Alderson59 might care to comment on this one. you guys are the best!

    Nutty, metrodave please don't bother.

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    • Okay so I will comment... Its called penny stock gambling. The Stone Street article did not provide a single measurable metric. It was all fluff. That is a fact. Sorry if that hurts your feelings.

    • He's catching on to what balding, o008, I and others have been saying for awhile. He points to the management discussion portion of 10Q which outlines turnaround strategy; finally he's impressed with JC, CT and the Jones team. To his credit, he's one of the first in the media to catch on.

    • Hey, I've been a bagholder since the first time it was on the pink sheets. Don't get me wrong, I've made $$$ on JSDA. I sold some at 20.00 and kept the rest. I've taken some nice trips on jsda, and I have a really nice boat, and belong to a private country club, thanks to jsda. That being said. I told nutjob 3 months ago this stock was at .40 or there abouts. I told him it would go to a quarter and then to .50 cents or higher by the end of q-2. All predictions aside, if Jennie Q can keep delivering, 2 to 3 dollars by august 1st is not that far out of line. If the whole foods thing expands, and she and Carrie can keep things on an even keel, this will ratchet up fast. A lot of folks are watching this one, and waiting for some key fundamentals, and when it happens, it will be sitting a a buck fifty in a hurry. Watching a million shares with a 6 cent pop, is nothing. In the next thirty days I expect to see a million shares traded in one day with a fifty cent gain. All it will take is for mutley fool or one of the other guru's to print an article, and it will be off to the races. The management team at Jones is making a go of it. Go back and listen to the last 3 conference calls from Jennifer Cue, Listen closely and then look at what has actually happened. the turn around is happening, it's not break neck fast, but she has stopped the bleeding, and has found a cure for keeping this soda company alive. I talked my boss into taking a position when it was at .32 cents, I broadcast my feeling on facebook, several weeks ago to my close friends, and give everybody the heads up that this is a multiple bagger up from here. I'm sarcastic at times, and a bit of a smartass, but one thing I really am: 100% bullsih on JSDA. I wish all here good luck, and pay attention to the little things that JSDA is doing

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