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  • amplastbag amplastbag Aug 14, 2013 4:00 PM Flag

    Back Down to Previous Long Position

    Now long only 62,500. Sold the recently repurchased 31,250@ 0.66-0.68 May have a chance to buy them back at $0.60 or below.

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    • Don't care for today's action, but sounds like you were a decent part of the selling. It did hold the 0.65 from Friday though. Hope that continues but may be tough. I think there's a good chance the uptrend continues after riding the 50 for a bit, we'll see?

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      • That is another part of what I have been posting for a long time. Serious lack of liquidity here. This is why I call the stock a penny ante speculative gamble. Took over 4 hours to sell less than $21,000.00 of stock. The dimits and infantile flour pushers can flod the Board with posts but markets and the facts spaek for themselves.

        There are no serious monied sponsors. I believe there was one day not long ago when my activity in the stock accounted for 22% of the stock traded that day. Putting the balance of the shares in the warehouse until after the September quarter. Thos figure will either attract some serious gamblers or I'll just chalk it up to some low cost fun.

    • Can you be sure to post and tell us all when you're having dinner? Going to take a cr8p? Going to bed?


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      • Let's see dimwit!
        I posted when I sold half my long position of 125,000 between-86 and $0.87. The stock closed at $0.67 today. A drop of 22%. If you had a working part of the brain it would have alerted you to the fact that the stock may have lost's its appeal and momentum if you had followed the Technical talk posys I make from time to time. I also alerted folks that I bought back in at $0.66-$0.67 anticipating a quick recovery from the kneejerk reaction to the earnings release. Did not happen.

        My technical work now shows a strong probability the stock will test the $0.60 support zone.

        Folks who have the capacity to think and really do understand something about trading may appreciate getting some clues that they can check out on their own. Dumbo

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