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  • basehit123 basehit123 Sep 4, 2013 11:19 AM Flag

    One of the signs of a new Jones Soda I believe.

    So what's different about Jones today vs 3 or so years ago plus? The Halloween Cans would be one example I believe. Past ideas were only the hype of new or novelty products, with NO pre-planned distribution plan in place, or just simply hope of website sales, if people saw it there, which is part of why so much ended up in a dollar store. However, with the release of these Halloween cans, they actually already have a partnered distribution plan in place prior to their release. This I think is a JC trademark, and part of her improved JSDA strategy, and signs of a smarter way of doing business. Remember, the improvement doesn't need to be leaps and bounds on hype, but rather nice small steps that support and lead to consistency.

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    • It's nice to see they're doing the Halloween cans again, but I think you're reaching a bit. The Halloween cans always had stores planned to sell them. They were in Target World Market and were never Web only. I always think they should do the Halloween cans in they're best selling flavors such as berry lemonade and root beer as other profitable soda companies do. You don't see A&W rootbeer in different weird flavors for halloween.

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      • Out of the 4 flavors the red licorice got the best score from my son. 2nd was caramel apple. the workers at World Market were raving that caramel apple tasted very realistic. I continue to think traditional flavors in halloween cans would do better. My daughter asked where is the MG grape (they had a few years back in halloween cans. Maybe they could do discontinued flavors in the seasonal cans?? Not a bad idea (which i will send to JC)

      • I think you are reaching. If you're correct....?, that was at least 5+ years ago dude!!! I said ~3+ years, but really you can just start with Meissner. So then with your dated info, look at JSDAs chart 5+ years ago and back to 2003........ and it was alot different from what it's been since!

        For me, if anything other than Jones basic flavors, I have to order from the site!

        "You don't see A&W rootbeer in different weird flavors for halloween."
        Another CEO here. Jones is not A&W, and a Halloween can is not going to make your berry lemonade taste better. Companies target holidays with specific products and sales. I think the question is are they for sale in the holiday aisle, or in the drink aisle. I would hope holiday ailse. People will buy to try. Will it work? I'll let JC decide. But for now, I think the idea with its distribution plan is worth trying, and is a sign of strategic improvement from Jones of recent.

    • i disagree. i do not think you can base growth on novelty items. historically, the novelty flavors have gained press and been joke gifts. the flavors were poor tasting. the current state of the brand is a result of this strategy. Cue seems intent on repeating the marketing ploys of 1999 instead of building a real product base and brand identity. of course they had old distribution plans in target. how do you lose a customer? make them taste turkey gravy soda. sorry. novelty packages and goofy flavors are not how you build a public company in a segment that is slowly and rightfully eroding.

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      • I concur with basehit. Net, you may be 100% correct on tofurkey and some of the xmas packages they put out. But the halloween cans are given out as gifts, and the kids will luv em. The designs are awesome on the cans this year. Kudos to JC and the rest of the crew for getting them on shelves in Target stores as well as other stores. It's been a couple of years, and they have always sold well. Keep away from the weird flavs and focus on core, this is what they are doing. And doing it well.....

      • Well I knew you would. You never say one thing positive about this company. The bottom line is that 3 years ago +, Jones would have come out with this product, and the only place to find it would be on the website. For this release, an indicated sales strategy is already in place with Target, and it sounds like others. FACT: Novelty flavor or not, I could give a #$%$. The distibution strategy associated with it is different from what you've seen in recent past. If it's not worth it, I'm sure she'll s#$%$ it, or take a modifed strategy next time.

        How do you lose a customer? What do you do for a living??? Of course Jones is the only company to ever do that! I think the better question is: How do you get a customer back! But you're glass is half empty on everything here. Check that, completely empty.

        With your critical knowledge of product and beverage industry, you should be the CEO. I'd vote for you cuz I know you'd get it back to 5 bucks, cuz you got the answers. And if you don't like Jones, start you're own, cuz you know both the product and beverage industries.

        I think you're a previous investor here, who got burned by the Meissner hype. Got out with frustration, took your loss, and now can't get back in for fear of getting whip-sawed. Who knows where it goes from here? But you are so blinded by you're own bitterness, you can't see 50/50.

    • Excellent Point

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