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  • cleancutter cleancutter Nov 11, 2013 8:25 PM Flag

    WalMart update

    so at 4:30pm today I stopped at the local supercenter (WA State), the shelf had 1 slot for the 6-packs length wise( it looked like a 4pak), shelf was full with 4 of them, I took the first one for the day. No 4 packs available at my 2 local supercenters.

    Stock price reflects sales, and nobody will be puchasing unless they find a store to stcck product.

    thats your channel check for Nov 11 2013,
    maybe the 2 of you can take that personal stuff some other place as most of us here prefer not to read it.

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    • Dec 15, 8:47PM

      last of 9 visits over 15 days to a single walmart supercenter.
      sales of the 6 paks are increasing slowly.
      In my opinion, sales are restrained do to poorly designed labeling on the shrink wrap.
      Only once in 9 visits was I able to read the Jones name or identify the product on the shelf.
      never was the product sold deeper on the shelf then the competing soda adjacent to the Jones product.
      A simple large J on both ends of the 6 paks would improve visibility.
      the product has good brand recognition for quality, more then half the persons commenting were above the age of 35, pushing a 6 pak around the store likely increased sales.
      lots of room here for improvement, anyone who has built a Coke or Pepsi display could double sales.......
      I am out on Holiday till Jan,, good cheer to all

    • found some 6paks on the shelf (appears to be a restock but I could not confirm), it was being purchased by 2 very excited Seahawk fans in their early 20's, I overheard a comment that Jones was the official beverage of the Team, thought it may be interesting to a few of the readers here....
      I will revisit this store end of week. any Seahawk fans out there ?

    • I have a 2fer today but a bit mixed,

      Finding myself making a pass through wine country in WA over the weekend, a beautiful place and if you get the opportunity I do recommend a visit (you can completely hammered on $5). After a tasting officer friendly showed an interest, then there it was, a shinny new supercenter. I took refuge inside.

      After a good amount of H2O the search was on,

      no 6 packs, no 4 paks, no Jones.

      the website confirmed 6paks are stocked in this store, but an employee stated they had not seen any Jones in a few years(whats up with that?).

      After my rounds as I approached home I decided to make a stop at my local store.

      This is where a change is noticed. The product around the 6paks was in demand, this allows the Jones label to be seen (remember the 6paks are on end with no markings) One 6pak remained and was difficult to reach in that far on the shelf, scanning the product I was told I had the last 6pak in the store 4 days before the holiday weekend.

      Form your own opinion,

      thats your channel check pre Turkey day. Nov 2013

    • 5:11 pm supercenter, WA state,
      found the 6 packs, shelf is full with 4
      scanned the product, 10 on hand, none in the warehouse, none in Orgeon, min 14 days till restocking per employee,
      no 4 packs.

      I purchased the first 6pack of the day, it would be interesting to see these stocked in the deli near the upscale wines and fresh pizza.
      thats your channel check, Nov 14

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