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  • mirv909 mirv909 Dec 13, 2013 4:41 PM Flag

    Traded on brand alone

    My take is that any other company would be trading at about $10m market cap given the financial statements we have... Declining revenue, neg cash flow prior quarter, on and on...

    The reason why I am considering a position is because I believe in the Jones brand. When I see a Jones Soda in the store - I want to buy one. I think that is why a lot of others are here as well.

    I do not think I am going to buy at these prices though. Give me .26 - .35 and I will consider it but I think there are better opportunities out there for "home run" type of plays right now. At .45 the best you will do is a 2x gain short term. That's really not that good consider the amount of risk you are putting in with JSDA. Maybe some day this will be at $5 and back on the NASDAQ, but it will be a slow and deliberate climb - if they are able to do it at all. Just as likely is that they teater on the edge of bankruptcy and then decide to sell the broken pieces to another company at a huge discount.

    Best of luck guys - I am a huge JSDA fan but I am sitting this one out.

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    • No, actually any other company would be trading at about $100m market cap given the financial statements we have. Oh, and we do have that other company - PLSB.

      Do you believe anyone really cares if/when you buy? I don't think anyone here really believes they are going to get a 2x gain short term. I don't think many astute investors buy for a short term 2x gain - do you? If so, then you're a trader and not an investor. I know, the definitions really don't matter, so long as we make money. However, your posts make it perfectly clear that you want to own the stock, and want it below 30 cents. Fact of the matter is, you can post here all you like - we have our resident negative Nelly already, but there's no harm in having another. We even have another who will post negative stuff every day until he buys, and then turns around and pumps just as frequently.

      If you were a real smart trader, you'd be initiating a small position now, and then buy bigger and bigger amounts as it neared your perfect buy price. It may or may not reach that buy price you want below 30 cents. But, how will you feel come summer 2014 and the shares are back up between 75 cents and $1.00 and you don't own any because you were too stubborn having not bought when the shares were at .45, .40, or .35? The reality is that you're not going to pick the bottom. If you want to own the shares, then structure your buys so you get almost the same effect when the shares reach your perfect buy price, but you won't be left high and dry should the shares head upwards while never having reached your price.

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