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  • nip7890 nip7890 Dec 18, 2013 9:19 AM Flag

    Do you trust the CEO?

    That's really the only question you have to ask yourself.

    Has the CEO and company achieved what it set out to do in 2013?
    Has the CEO stopped the bleeding and positioned the company for profitability in 2014?
    Does the CEO and company have the proper incentives, aligned with shareholders to make the company successful in the long-term?

    These are very simple questions for most people here to answer.

    The bottom line is that everything that JC said the company would do this year, it has.

    With turnaround situations like JSDA, you need to use the cruise ship analogy. You have this massive vessel that's going along at a speed of about 20 knots. You cannot all of a sudden step on the brakes and go in the reverse direction - it is impossible...inertia is going to carry you forward for some amount of time, even if you hit the thrusters to go full-reverse.

    Similar with a company that's operating with all it's production, processes, sales, marketing and distribution in place. You cannot simply turn it upside down and expect that things can go from losses to profitability in a quarter or two - even more difficult when you have a seasonal business as with JSDA. The fact that the strong quarters were essentially breakeven is amazing in itself after only one year of having the turnaround plan in place. The point things are at right now is where the ship has been slowed to a dead stop in the water. Now it can begin heading in the other direction and make real progress.

    More than likely, the shares got ahead of themselves with the seasonality during 2013 along with a frothy stock market. Short-timers were in and out with their gains or losses. Now comes the time for the folks who really understand what is taking place here to make the big returns. Those who are looking at their charts, drawing pretty pictures and thinking they've got it all figured out and will be buying at lows in late January and February are going to be disappointed this time around.

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    • nuttierthansquirrellshiat nuttierthansquirrellshiat Dec 18, 2013 11:10 AM Flag

      stop the bleeding..LMFAO!!! your delusional loss after loss after loss and running low on cash ....

      out of cash in 6 months ...per the 10Q ...and jones needs to spend money to ramp up for next season they do not have .....

      jones days are numbered...

      Tick , toc

    • JC has clearly articulated a plan and is implementing it. Phase 1 - cut costs and spend more wisely (targeted marketing vs wasteful corporate sponsorship) - this has been done. It has greatly reduced losses while sales dropped double digits. Phase 2 - Grow sales while keeping expenses under control (eg seasonal staff). We are in transition between P1 and P2. During last quarter sales declines ended. Additional clients have been added and there are plans for rollout of natural soda beyond CA. 2014 may very well show both growth and profits imho.
      Long term unfilled gap at $4

    • She was here before. She is doing what needs to be done. She left the vineyards to do this. It was her choice to try this turnaround. I believe her and Carrie Trainer are a very good team, and they are working together, to make this thing work. 2014 will be more of 2013. steady as it goes....

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