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  • key_lime_cowpie key_lime_cowpie Feb 8, 2014 11:29 PM Flag

    The bashers here are pathetic..

    Try the hemp boards if you want to read bashing. What a laugh the small minds and one poster is (BC and aliases)

    Believe in the company and buy...Sell at the highs and wait for the dips...but BASH? shame...

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • Don't know what's more pathetic. The boring bashers or the gung ho bulls posting about a stock that trades in miniscule volume and when there is an uptake in trading, the dollar value of the trades tells the market place that there is no serious money at play here. Percentage price changes of almost 3% take place on trades of 100 shares in either direction.

      By this time in Q1, Q4 results are making the rounds internally in the Company and among close friends of the insiders and the volume of trading since the turn of the year speaks volumes about what they have and what they have not done.

      The renegotiated financing will keep them afloat for at least another year but to what end. Unitl real measurable numbers start showing up, the price will be easily manipulated in one direction or the other on low or no volume with an occassional trple digit volume trading day. Less than $75K will buy 125K share of stock except that such a buy or conversely an attempt to sell such a block of stock would move the stock at least 10cents in either direction with the mm's controlling the market.

    • gotcha on "ignore" BC...see your pathetic name only....LOL...what a peaceful board these days.

    • Basher? Wow, um ok right.
      Why don't you go look up the energy reports interview with Chen Li on why China exports of ethanol have only just begun. It's in Seeking Alpha or on nasdaq site ticker GPRE or PEIX, look under news for Friday at 3pm.
      You will notice the stocks jumped the last hour.

      Better yet Brazil is now importing our ethanfr
      ol through Bunge. They have a crisis in their ethanol feedstock, sugarcane.
      The drought is causing a panic of sorts and may crush the worlds second largest producer of ethanol..
      billions of people have ethanol ready cars and would rather buy ethanol, at nearly a dollar discount to gasoline,
      than straight gasoline.
      It's a no brainer and the ethanol producers are actively engaging foreign entities and they are very responsive to the idea of importation of ethanol.

      Just do some reall DD. Its not rocket science.

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