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  • amplastbag amplastbag Mar 26, 2014 10:56 AM Flag

    The Closer We Get to 03/31

    the more it looks like the news for Q1 may not be as bright as some anticipated. Product that was supposed to flow into the new distrubutuion channels in improved quantities may not have done so. Then the question about Cash Flow comes into play. Yes they do have a credit line but if they had to call on it at this juncture in their recovery program it does not look too good. That's why I alway refer to my position in this "Speculative Gamble" and not anyhting else.

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    • I agree with both yours and nets assessment. Lobby decor aside, when they blasted shareholders this last C.C. I was not at all surprised. I see sideways movement in this for the next six months, followed by a fall selloff, then another selloff for tax reasons in November. There is nothing here but downward pain. I really felt for the guy that asked at the last call for some insiders to support it, and of this writing, it ain't happened. Pretty good sign they are still having glass bottles break, and poor distribution. The turnaround plan is a flop, and the sooner they look at the flawed plan and change course, the better. Each CEO has had a master plan, PVS had the rock Wall, Ricci had his pedal power, and meinster had his whoopass on. Each egotistical CEO has had a plan, each has failed. Good product, poor leadership. The board of dunces stick around and soak up the free options every year, problem is, at some point in the near future they will be awarded with worthless shares. If I were on that board, heads would roll.

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      • Is it really still a good product ?????

        If people aren't drinking Coke or Pepsi products these days, then they are drinking the various energy drinks of some type, the Teas, flavored waters, etc.
        IMHO, Jones core product has become a novelty for special occasions, but they don't capitalize on that. They should be advertising in wedding magazines, and online searches for holidays, birthdays, graduations, and other special occasions, where the extra money will be spent because of the occasion, not drinking on a regular basis.
        The saving of JSDA, or any promise beyond being just average at best, I believe will be coming up with a new great product that creates it's own demand channels. Don't know it they will do that? But I think that's what they need to become relevant in the beverage industry again, cuz I don't think the sodas can do that on their own today.

    • the stock is trading where it was two years ago. recovery program? the only thing recovered is the walls of the lobby. let's hope that artificial coloring costs dont climb.

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      • When a ship is floundering on the waters the first need is to bail out the water that's causing it to sink. That's what Cue et al have done. The next step is to generate some power so as to enable the ship to move. This has yet to be seen and if it's not forthcoming in the next two quarters all of the previous effor to right the ship will most likely fail and the incoming water will again put the ship in dire straits.

        Did you ever learn what a "Speculative Gamble" is?

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