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  • amplastbag amplastbag May 1, 2014 12:26 PM Flag

    Heavier Upside Trading Volume

    before the Q1 Results are due to be released makes one womder if it's a set up to con folks into believing surprising good news is coming or a really big surprise of improvement being made. Won't be that long a wait to find out.

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    • a con? have you been watching tv to much? its not a con. the quarter will probably be better than the last disasterous quarter. why? how could it be much worse? also you had some insider buying of a tiny amount of stock. that seldom happens. i think maybe a couple insiders set aside a few hundred dollars a month, then buy shares every few years. i would expect a run up into earnings, especially in May where you have the beginning of season. people dont drink jones in the winter and fall apparently. they slowly dehydrate. then sprng comes and they poof up again. besides the fufuberry crop looks good this year. as well, you keep reading about how good soda is for children. maybe the initiatives at marketing the stuff to kids is starting to take hold. i would expect to see 52 cents or so.

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      • Maybe you should watch Tv more often then you'd know what day it is.. Last reported Insider open market buy was in 2012. Millions of unexercised options still alive on the table.
        Instead of making wild guesses it will not be that long before actual data is released. Q1 results were reported I believe May 5, 2013. They should be out around the same time this year.

      • the key will be "is the quarter better than last year's same quarter". I would expect the answer should be an unequivocal yes, however, considering what company did this past quarter, that the soda sector is still in a funk, etc. I think we could see year over year as flat or even slightly negative to comparable quarter last year. If so, then it will be time to run for the hills.

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