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  • burgersboat burgersboat Sep 12, 2003 10:37 AM Flag

    ???????? MTW

    Help me here,, MTW wins $ 40.5 millon contract,,MTW introduces New Ice Machines,,,MTW launches Coast Guard Cutter,,,MTW selected( 1 of 3 companies) to build prototype with possibilty of winning $ 450,000,000.00 contract.

    Where is the bad news that keeps sending this stock down????

    Would this news help ??? " Top Officers resign Company because they have the company's best interest in mind & feel they may be the problem"


    Wishfull thinking

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    • You must be approaching things the wrong way. You must always sell into strength and buy into weakness. Generally weakness is a stock being undervalued like it was when it warned and it went down heavily. I purchased shares at 19.86 at that time. Which was late August. I purchased my second half of shares at 24.51. A little bad timing but i saw selling pressure and bought again. I am holding now , for at least a year.

    • Burger, your posts does ask valid questions.

      Remember though, food service and maritime need to compensate for managements overextending themselves in the crane field.I do not believe management ever thought the economic down turn would last so long.

      I would not be suprised to hear mangement make some comments over the next month in an attempt to cover thier collective asses. For example, they will stress the success of the food and maritime business but still inform us that the crane business has not bottomed. Even though I believe that the crane business has bottomed out, management will have to deal with the potential problem of over-capacity.

      Personally, I believe you will see more cuts in the crane segment as currently there is still over-capacity.

      mtw investor, it is good to hear from you again. I am a broken record on the following point. That is, you will not see any significant price movement to the upside until managment is once again able to gain the trust of the institutional investor. Management did not provide accurate earnings forcasts for them.

      Is MTW undervalued? A catch 22 question. From a current PE it is undervalued. From a forward looking PE it is overvalued. The unknown variable is once again management. Have they once again misjudged future earnings? We all know that MTW's earnings can "suddenly" surge based on crane orders. At this point in time, you are definitely placing ALL your trust in management. Kinda scary, isn't it?

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      • What do you mean not accurate? The company warned. Good companies warn you ahead of time that their earnings are low. When earnings were announced it was because of the crane sector of the company. I do "trust" the company. I trust their forward looking quarterly announcements that in fact the crane market will produce more profit. As an investor why shouldn't i trust them? When Oct 30th rolls around i really do believe that they will be much different numbers. I bet we get upgraded shortly before or after the quarterly announcement. What you have to remember kentstate is this company is cyclical. So i do not worry that the crane sector of the company had a bad quarter. There will be improvements. I guess time will tell. But by then it will be too late to buy.

    • bomberisback aka mtwinvestor

      i keep logging on and forgetting , sorry.

    • I don't think you understand the main point here burgersboat. MTW dropped from around this price to $18 when they warned. Then that news came..and we began to rally upward because it was and in my opinion still is undervalued. We moved from $18 to currently about $23. We did hit 25.50 and began to retreat. We are not going down we are going up. We are just fluctuating. That's what stocks do. Am i worried? not in the least bit. First the volume is awfully low to be worried. Take today for instance. We dropped down to 22.31 i believe. On how much volume? Barely anything less than 20k. The stock isn't going lower. But because no one is willing to buy now the price seems to go down on very low volume. This should not be worried about. Currently i see the price of MTW at 22.86. So it moved up from 22.31 very fast. You have to remember the 40.5 million contract when announced it rallied quite a bit. That news is over. Now the other news you stated was useless. Let me tell you why , when you announce contracts with no money value. It states one thing , 1. It's not worth much or 2. you actually have lost money on this contract. So the recent news that came out in september is not very helpful to the stock price. I do believe that this stock has been hit hard because of the fast uptrend. So i still believe we will see $27 by end of year.

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