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  • snakeinthegas snakeinthegas Jan 2, 2004 2:16 PM Flag

    I have net access

    again, bought a 50ft cord.

    Got an unlimited plan.

    So I can properly say goodbye to you all this weekend.

    I got access just so that I can say goodbye.

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    • Hi Kentstate

      I'll try to answer your questions; No, I am not a long time investor with MTW. I like the company & I think they have good management. I first heard about them when we were visiting at Sturgeon Bay, WI. in 97. The company appealed to me & the drawbridge as well. Couldn't afford to buy the drawbridge so got a little of MTW. Since that time I have been in & out maybe 3-4 times. At present I am out haveing sold the last on 26 Dec 03 for 30.65. Like Burgersboat said in one of his post he sold so now MTW will go up.
      Because of my age I will buy a company like MTW when it is down & sell on the way up. However, I do beleive MTW may pull back a little in the near future & then very easly reach 35 because of the ecomomy & this being an election year.

      I favor the water companies. In fact since selling MTW the only other stock I have that is not water is ALE. I like water as it is still regulated & really one of the last monoploy's (SP) in public trading companies.
      FWIT, I have PSC, CWCO, CTWS, BIW & ARTNA. Some others I like are MSEX, YORW, & SWWC.

      Well, that's my 2 cents worth. Years ago I remember reading where an investor said he did not mind loseing the bottom 15% or the top 15% but, he really liked the middle 70%. That's what he said but, it seems to me that is eaiser said then done also.

      Tell your son we, support him and all responsiable young Americans & if we was given half a chance we would " Kick Some Ass " if we was to run into some of these " Dirt Bags " who have been posting on this board. Their parents should be held responsiable until they have held a " Paying " job for at least a year.

      Wow, My wife says that is enough or my B.P will go up.

      Stay Happy & be PROUD.


    • I did forward your post to my son in Baghdad and my son-in-law in Afghanastan. My son wrote back and wanted me to thank you for as he put the "great post". He shared it with some of his platoon.

      You are correct when you imply that a person can serve their country in a variety of ways. As you pointed out with your own children, you can serve your country in any profession.
      We have been blessed with five children and the one thing I have tried to instill upon them is the idea that we have a responsibility to serve. The more you dwell on your own problems and your own needs the unhappier you become.

      Enough of phiosophising.

      How about MTW. Are you a long time investor in the company? The company has provided us with one heck of a roller coaste ride. It is awfully tempting to sell some around 35.00. You would think that somewhere there should be a "mild" correction. The question is when. Good news keeps coming out regarding the economy. What do you think?

    • Kent

      Thanks for your comments. We march to the beat of the same drummer I beleive.

      For the record I did 24 years active duty with both the Army & Air Force. My oldest son is a commander in the Coast Guard & the youngest has been a Police Officer in a large city in the Northwest for 15 years now. The daughter is a registered nurse. Yes, there is extreme satisfaction in being of service to your country & your fellow man. Service to God goes without saying.
      May God Bless all our young people who are serving in whaterver capacity.

      Gypsy ( Arkie Hillbilly )
      PS; I just discovered the " Ignore button " & I have deleted a whole lot of the lost souls who post here.

    • Damn,,, I thought WE were leaving, but it's U !!!

      Sorry to hear that. I was getting used to U "Idiots" posting on this board.

      Just keep in mind, "Our" God is a fair God. But in your situation, I think U may have a problem. Anyone that hates the Jews as much as U do & God is a jew. I'd say a prayer for U , But I think it'll be wasted. So I'll just add an extra one for "OUR TROOPS"

      P.S. Don't come back here using a different "handle" when U find out God isn't going to except U as U are. Y don't U just get a jump on going to hell & go there now?? The way U cut down people, I'm sure the devil has a seat with your name on it !!!

      "GOD" continue to bless our troops !!!!

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