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  • burgersboat burgersboat May 12, 2004 2:35 PM Flag

    Licker Shock - Buy Gold and Silver

    "Hack" Again your just a bundle of Cheerie Information.
    I don't know what the price of gold is going to be by years end. I don't know what a "Big Mac" is going to cost,nor a gallon of milk.
    But I do know what supply & demand is, and if people stop buying Milk or Big Mac's, the prices will be coming down. Why, because people don't need either. Vegetables are seasonal so those prices are up & down. Meats are by volumn,too much going to market drives the prices down. And if we're going to be in an inflationary time (like U say), McDonalds will be giving away Big Mac's.

    You predicted (8 months ago) gold was going to hit $500.00 an ounce by Spring, Now your saying it's going to hit $500.00 by this Summer. When you post again,Are you going to tell us it's going to hit $ 500.00 this Fall???

    One thing I know that's going DOWN is Cocoa.So candy bars aren't going up.

    The reason Bush isn't doing anything about the price of gas is that he wants the "Public" to pressure the envionmentalist to allow the oil companies to do oil exploration in Alaska's North Slope.

    Now,"Dr Gloom" as to MFG. (aka MTW Co.)If things are so bad,,why is MTW getting boat contracts comming out of their butts. Marinette & Bay Ship have so much business their screaming for workers?? Why is the city of Toledo helping to pay for the updates @ MTW's Toledo yard??
    These compaines (that are having these boats built) MUST know something "Your" financial advisors aren't telling you.
    Maybe it's because these companies live in the Real World & YOUR Advisors live in a Paper World.

    Who would of thought that horse (100 to 1 odds) would of won the Kentuky Derby ?? I'll bet YOUR Financial Advisors didn't !!

    For me,, I'm NOT buying gold (Hard to chew). I'm not necessary sticking with MTW. But to me a well rounded stock portfolio is the less riskier than gold.

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    • cut and paste where I said gold was going to $500 by Spring.

      $500 in December 2004.

      $900 in December 2005.

      Oil Shares with unleaded gasoline averaging $3 a gallon this year and $5 a gallon next year. We will see a barrel of oil going to $55.

      This inflation we're seeing is a product of past excesses. Milk will not go down in price, vegetables won't go down in price....everything will go up with no end in sight until deflation kicks in.

      The Fed (Central Bank) definitely knows how to create inflation and how to stop deflation (says he doesn't). How do you stop deflation? Don't create more than you produce!!! It's too late now.

      This summer we're going to find ourselves in a position similar to 1979 with very high prices. Here are a few notes:

      Disneyland will increase the admission price for guests over 10 years old by $2.75 - a jump of 6%, compared to 2002, when prices were increased by $2. And The King Report reports that in New York, the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission voted to increase fares by 25% and add a $1 night surcharge. Bill King also cites a USA-TODAY article, which has steel prices up 80% in the first quarter of 2004, plywood up 107.5% in February, and copper wiring up 80% in the last four months. He also cites the
      Chicago Tribune of April 1 (not a joke), which reports that cheese prices are at record highs (+87% year-on-year) and that farmers expect milk to sell next month for $18.10 per 100 lbs., compared to $10 a year ago. In the meantime, the Cook County, Illinois, tax on cigarettes increased on April 1 to $1.00 from $0.18, a 456% hike.

      You know why Bush isn't doing anything about the price of oil. It's because the dollar is decreasing in value that's why OPEC wants more dollars and raised the price. Why is the dollar decreasing in value? Current Account Deficit, Trade Deficit, Budget Deficit....record breaking. Last year the DJIA gained 25%, the dollar lost 25% and how much did you make in real terms: Zero.

      What happens when inflation goes higher? More unemployment and more bankruptcies (records broken again).....1st Quarter statistics will come out in a couple of weeks.

      I can't believe a youngster like me knows what the affects of inflation does to corporate earnings. You know what bonds are called during inflationary times: "Certificates of Confiscation." Let's say I paid $1000 for a 4% bond, next year another $1000 bond is at 5%. How much can would someone be willing to buy my 4% bond for seeing that they could get one at 5%? $750.

      Keep investing in the bond market and stock market. Happy Trails.

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      • "Hack",,,,Just one(1) Question: How many shares of MTW do you own ???

      • I can�t believe you are so pessimistic.

        Although, yesterday, I did purchase a shrimp basket and milk shake for dinner. I didn�t believe the price quoted by the cashier. I had her itemize each item. The milk shake was a dollar higher than the previous week. Milk price is a short to midterm problem. This year�s heifers that would normally be going to market are currently being held, adding to the dairy herds. Expect to see the price of milk drop by fall next year if not sooner.

        I�ve got a couple of BU $20.00 gold pieces that I purchased for $250.00 each in the 70�s and some smaller gold and silver coins I�ve had for years. Come on $900.00 per ounce. I won�t hold my breath.

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